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Super Bowl Tie Dad

I hate watching football.  Too many minutes of no action and when there is action, it’s just men in padding and helmets crashing into each other. I can’t even see their faces.

Yes,  I’m still American.

I watch the Super Bowl for the ads.

This year, my all time favorite is the Tide ad.

I love the cleverness, the surprise, and it’s sure to stick in people’s mind.  Every ad is a Tide ad, right?

This  morning I talked to my mother. She doesn’t like to watch the game with other people because they start to chat and it distracts her from seeing the game. She wants to see every bit of the action.

Mom will be 90 in a couple of weeks.

“I didn’t get it,” she said. “I kept looking for the tie and I never saw it. And that horse was the longest horse I ever saw.”

“It was Tide, not tie.”

“Oh, I thought it was tie dad.”

We both laughed so hard I bet we got FitBit credit for a workout.

I’m not even going to ask her what she thought of my second favorite ad.



By the way, I did watch the game, and I loved it. I even oooh’d, ahhhh’d, and cheered. Maybe it was the SNL skit that got me revved up and excited. Go Iggles.


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  1. That made me LOL! Tie dad! Oh my goodness! Your mom looks amazing! I loved watching both the game and the commercials this year!

    • Adela Adela

      Mom will be 90 on feb 17. She IS amazing, Beth Ann. Still lives alone, still mentally, physically, and spiritually exercising and growing. She is definitely a good role model

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