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Holiday stress. A reason to rejoice?

I feel a little stress this week. Why? Because I have too much.  Yup, that’s what it boils down to. Here’s what I mean: A job writing for a company whose product helps save people’s lives; An family of origin who still loves getting together to celebrate Christmas; A family I helped create who loves tradition; A book club that gives back to the community; A choir that welcomes my flute; Amazing people who I meet to interview for the newspapers I write for; Neighbors who feel comfortable dropping by; A treasure trove of Christmas decorations; The ability to sew…

Autumn’s Voice

“You know what? Writers don’t compete with each other,” Kimberly Schumacher said, raising her eyebrows at me. I had just confessed a twinge of jealousy about an author invited for a book signing at a local book store. Anne Lamott, author of one of my favorite books on writing, Bird by Bird, assures me a boatload of jealousy is normal.  I just have a bit, not a boatload. “That’s because each of our stories is unique,” she went on. So true. People have different reading appetites.  I suppose it’s like expecting someone to like triple fudge brownies, even if she’s are…

Gratitude Monday

I spent the weekend on the road: sitting in the car, sitting in the pee-wee football stands, sitting in a hotel.  I had a lovely getaway. And, I’m so happy to be back home again.  Here’s my list in no particular order:

 Cuddly cat sisters.  It really is nice to have a companion who sits on my lap while I stroke her.  When they come in pairs, it’s just that much nicer.

My Office Manager
My Office Manager

  Yoga.  I mad today’s intention gratitude.  Along with several things that popped up, was the very practice.  Plus, my muscles shouted out, “too much sitting” in a way they rarely do.

  Children with good manners.   I ran into some people who lacked manners this weekend. Perhaps that highlighted that I take it for granted the consistency “please and thank you,”

Gratitude Monday: On the Run, and On the Fly.

OMGosh! It’s early evening already and I failed to take a moment to collect my thoughts around gratitude.  I’ve enjoyed my blessings since yesterday.   Wheeee! So much!  A sister, who chats with me for an hour on the phone and then says something so silly, so relatable, that I must laugh out loud for a full thirty seconds.  I love you Bonita, and I won’t tell the public what you said, but sister, the main reason I laughed so hard, is because I’ve had that shoe on both feet.  A sister who texts me to schedule lunch, no make that breakfast…

Gratitude Monday: Stop to Breathe

gratitude - 1
Miss S and I went for breakfast at our favorite restaurant.

Whoa!  I feel a little stressed this morning.  Wait! It’s already afternoon.  The weather remains mild. I have work that pays. My family is healthy. I have enough to eat and a cozy house.  Having too much to do is self-inflicted stress.  I did my daily reading and hurried through the briefest of meditations.  I met CeCe for yoga, and five minutes later wished it was over. So I tell myself, ‘just breathe.’  

A week with grandchildren: Miss E, Miss S, and Mr. C.  What wonderful kids. They practically take care of themselves.  All three climbed into bed before 8:30 and got themselves up and ready for school without a word of fuss.

Rocket Clubs and newspaper assignments.  gratitude - 2Without the newspaper assignment I would never have met some fellow science geeks, saw adults and children bonding over rocket blasts, or met a new writer friend.  Wonderful.

Marching band competition.  The best

Gratitude Monday #61: Happiness is the Truth

I woke up this morning and began to sing. So many things overwhelm me with gratitude: Sasha’s constant vie for attention. Healthy, Happy, and Wise friends and family; Faith in God and Love; A job that makes me smile every day; A warm winter (so far;) A completed manuscript; People to Love and People who Love; Health Insurance; New Friends and reconnecting with Old; Enough, More than Enough, Enough to Share. Warm Hugs, and Wet Kisses. Ahhh… Clap along cuz Happiness IS the Truth. What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Please join Laurel at Alphabet Salad for a gratitude…

Photo Friday: My Three Offices

Look how abundant my life is! Not just one office, THREE. Wheeee!! Three places to write, to work, to create, to be. There’s something mystical, almost miraculous about the number three. I am so lucky. Guess which place is my favorite.

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