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Wrinkle Relief Experiment: Week 3

It’s the same time of the day.  Still, the days are a little shorter. I notice, that although I’m sitting in the same place, at the same time of day, there’s a little more light coming in my west-facing window. Although after one day, 98% of those asked “Which hand looks younger?” picked the correct one. One person picked one and said it looked “stronger.” Golldarnit.  (Reminder: on one hand I apply some of the magical wrinkle removing cream, twice a day.) I’m wearing the same clothes, so that color won’t skew the data. This week is the first week…

Photo Friday: When I Was Old

This year CeCe confessed that she realized I was old, when I turned 47. I couldn’t find a picture from that year.  That was the year my second grandchild was born; the year Wrestler #2 got married, and the year Dad died.  Perhaps I was old that year. Here’s what I looked like five years after CeCe declared (in her own head) that I was old. Here I am now with my friend and hair-stylist, Renee.  Yes, I am going to tell you about her.  I just back-burnered it until after NaPoWriMo.  She too much for a poem. From the…

NaBloPoMo: Sisterhood of the Magpies

I need a little quiet time. I grew up with three of these sister. Two more; plus three brothers. No wonder Grandpa dubbed us the Magpies. Non-stop talking, and tons of laughing. In there somewhere, I’m learning a lot about myself. My mind needs some time to wander. A little time to put together sentences that become paragraphs helps the pictures come into focus.


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