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Celebrating America

Today is Independence Day.  The day we celebrate the birth of America. My flag is flying. I’m going to a picnic. I’m ready for fireworks. And I started a new tradition.  I am watching “Citizen U.S.A.:  A 50 State Road Trip,” by Alexandra Pelosi.  I TiVo’d it last year.  This documentary reminds me of all the things I take for granted. I hope you join me in this new tradition. Happy Birthday to U.S. Related articles Ranier Andres: One Lucky Guy( 5 reasons Why Independence Day is the Geekiest Holiday of Them All(

Ranier Andres: One Lucky Guy


“Last year, we sent sheets to Cuba.  My wife’s grandmother had surgery, and the hospital had no sheets.”  Rainier Andres  (Ray) is an American citizen who came to these United States with his mother.  He has no brothers or sisters and his father is still in Cuba.   Ray reminds me of a documentary I saw last Fourth of July:  “Citizen U.S.A.:  A 50 State Road Trip,” by Alexandra Pelosi.  These new citizens brought tears to my eyes.

Ray was a teenager when he came to America, he was too naïve, or perhaps too filled with machismo to understand the dangers.   Ray considered

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