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Tag: Aperture

Photo Friday: Cold Play

This week school got canceled because of another Arctic Vortex.  That means the air temperature is below zero.  That’s not even taking into account wind-chill. Too cold to wait for the school bus, but not too cold to play.   Our neighbor made this swing-set for his grandchildren.  This summer he gave it to me, because his grandchildren are nearly grown.  Loved One told the neighbor children to come on over and use it anytime. So nice to see they did. We only saw the evidence, not the children. Pretty sure children made these tracks, but I guess they could…

Photo Friday; Little Angels: What Goes Around, Comes Around

My daughter DeeDee made this angel for me when she was nine. Look close.  I still see flecks of gold paint, and a trumpet or scepter in her hand.  Her wings are gone.  Okay, so is her head, just leaving a little nub where the head was.  I don’t see those flaws unless I am looking with a critical eye.  She’s like the Velveteen Rabbit, loved into real.  I see what DeeDee made, almost 30 years ago. I remember putting the angel on top my grandfather clock, a perfect place for her.  She’s been there ever since, keeping watch. This…

Photo Friday: First Annual

As I drove home from Thanksgiving Day shopping, I spied a sign, poked into the almost frozen ground.  A smallish, red and green sign, like the kind that proclaims a garage sale: First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the Village Hall 6:30 PM, Saturday What tree?  I wondered to myself. Duckie told me she saw village officials testing the lights. Yup.  Now that I look a little closer, I DO see a baby Christmas Tree. I rallied the troupes. “Won’t it be fun to take a picture every year in front of the tree?  We can see how the tree…

Photo Friday: A Mrs. Potts for Everyone

10 years ago I made a silly, splurgy purchase of a Mrs. Potts costume.  It cost $50.00.  What can I say, I got carried away by Duckie’s Halloween exuberance.  She planned a Halloween Party with two ghoulish assistants:  Love-One and me.  She scoured the catalogs and we ordered our costumes together:  She, Minnie Mouse; me,  Mrs. Potts. We all love Mrs. Potts.  Sorry, no pictures of me as Mrs. Potts.  I’m the one holding the camera. Related articles Halloween: It’s Costume Time Happy Halloween! 25 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

Photo Friday: Northern Flickers

Our hickory fell.  Well, not the whole thing, the top third of the  tree just bent over and touched the ground.  Squirrels re-routed.  Ferns withered; garden flocks brightened. In a hollow, just below the break, Two Northern Flickers nested.  They like privacy. A hickory’s canopy is perfect cover.  Flickers are shy.  We hear them, but normally see them once or twice a summer. If we’re lucky. Exposed by the felled hickory, the pair hopped out on a branch and signaled their dismay.The couple survived the natural disaster and made the best of things for the sake of their young family.…

Photo Friday: Horror Film Scene

I do love insects. This grasshopper landed on my patio door. displaying his magnificent underside. My photos display more of a sci-fi look and feel.  Now I know where Alien found inspiration. No grasshoppers were harmed in the photographing for this post.       Related articles Sony Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10: The lens is the camera ( First look at the Sony Cyber-shot QX10 and the iPhone 5 (

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