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Autumn’s Voice

“You know what? Writers don’t compete with each other,” Kimberly Schumacher said, raising her eyebrows at me. I had just confessed a twinge of jealousy about an author invited for a book signing at a local book store. Anne Lamott, author of one of my favorite books on writing, Bird by Bird, assures me a boatload of jealousy is normal.  I just have a bit, not a boatload. “That’s because each of our stories is unique,” she went on. So true. People have different reading appetites.  I suppose it’s like expecting someone to like triple fudge brownies, even if she’s are…

Doreen McGettigan: The Stranger in My Recliner

You might remember Doreen from my post about her first book, Bristol Boyz Stomp. She’s a great friend and a caretaker by nature. A question from her second book The Stranger in My Recliner, “What would you do?” prompts me almost daily to think about the Good Samaritan.  To Doreen, it’s not just a story, it’s a way of life. Doreen was in the middle of writing Bristol Boyz Stomp when her husband brought Sophie home one rainy night.  Dirty, hungry, and cold from living behind the local McDonald’s, the homeless woman frightened Doreen.  Should she lock up what little valuables she…

Doreen McGettigan: Amazing Author and Amazing Woman (and Another Book Giveaway)

Doreen McGettigan offered to share her book with me in exchange for an interview.  I came out on top with the bargain.   Doreen is a thoroughly delightful person and I got a chance to make a new friend. You can come out on top, too because Doreen has agreed to gift two of you with a copy of her book, Bristol boyz Stomp:  The Night that Divided a Town. Doreen’s writing style exposes the raw emotion of losing someone to a violent, senseless crime.  She reminds us that the loss is just the beginning.  Survivors must endure the pain of…

Game Plan Report: March

First my success rate at predicting the Oscars: I got a whopping 42% correct. If I factor out the winners awarded to movies I did not see, my success rate climbs to 53%. (I only missed two movies that got awards, FROZEN and HER. Those two raked in three awards.) Not bad for someone who knows nothing about movie-making. Oh, and guess what? The “Achievement in Documentary Short Film” went to a story that makes the heart and soul smile: THE LADY IN NUMBER 6: MUSIC SAVED MY LIFE. Check out the trailer here: The Lady in Number 6 (YouTube)…

Meet Jim Barfield, Lawyer, Judge, Family Man and New Author


Would you like a romantic summer read that is jam-packed with historical information?  Boxcars, by Jim Barfield, just may be the ticket.

Be sure to add a comment to this post and your name will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Jim Barfield’s premier novel.

Boxcars tracks the adventure and epiphanies of two hunted Nazi outcasts, a young Roma named Elsa, and David, a teenage Jewish violinist, turned French Resistance fighter.  They see each other through the fog and smoke of a train wreck.   Detined to cross paths again, they begin to rely on each other and deepen their relationship.  David and Elsa find that despite their different backgrounds, they have more in common that their Nazi enemy.

How and why any author gets his start is intriguing.  Some authors know right from the beginning

Real BFF’s: Judith Wright & Me (and a Book Giveaway)

Judith Wright An old friend from high school. We’re both a long way from the self-consciously confident students we once were, “Judy” and I still keep in touch.

Judy Sewell, a bookish student involved in publication, orchestra, marching band, and student council, says she was a plain chubby girl searching for something, unaware what she was missing and unable to identify her dreams.  The year Judy graduated from high school, at least one high school teacher, Bonita Ansbaugh, knew that Judy stood head and shoulders above her peers and recognized her for outstanding achievement in publication.  Perhaps this small vote of confidence helped Judy have the self-assurance to put effort into identifying and pursuing her dreams.  On September 20, 2008, Swartz Creek High School honored Judith Wright (Judy) with the Outstanding Alumni Award.

Judith Wright is a recognized and sought after personal coach and self-help expert. She appeared on over 50 television programs including

Gloria Feldt: No Excuses from this Gal

Photo by Maryanne Russell

Gloria Feldt’s most recent book, No Excuses, haunts me.  It is beautifully crafted and written.  Her call to political action is compelling.  After all, as Stephanie McNulty points out in The Philadelphia Inquirer,

women are finally gaining a foothold on political power through the Americas-except in one nation…the United States.

Ms. Feldt, Gloria, wants to change that.   I had an opportunity to sit down and listen to her vision, and her call to live a life with intention.

Gloria learned at an early age what it felt like to be an outsider.  The only Jewish family in small-town Texas, she also learned a respect for

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