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Autumn’s Voice

“You know what? Writers don’t compete with each other,” Kimberly Schumacher said, raising her eyebrows at me. I had just confessed a twinge of jealousy about an author invited for a book signing at a local book store. Anne Lamott, author of one of my favorite books on writing, Bird by Bird, assures me a boatload of jealousy is normal.  I just have a bit, not a boatload. “That’s because each of our stories is unique,” she went on. So true. People have different reading appetites.  I suppose it’s like expecting someone to like triple fudge brownies, even if she’s are…

Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2017-35

Could it be that we are in the 10th month of 2017?  The months kaleidoscope together in mosaics of sound, smell, and color.  As I waited for the train this morning, I noticed that the sun still sleeps, not a beam in sight. Yet, the beauty of the morning cannot be denied. The photo I took this morning shows a pink rumor of sunshine destined to grace my day. First responders and communities in Puerto Rico who tirelessly work to help the people devastated by hurricane Maria. I work with about 10% Puerto Rican’s. The agony of not knowing is…

Photo Friday: Autumn Mist

I pass by the lake each morning as I take CoCo to work.  Lovely, melancholy transformation of Summer into Fall. The sun burns mist into blue skies, in her last-ditch effort to hold on to Summer’s fun. I’m linking to Pierced Wonderings again this week.  She has some beautiful pictures of a Lake Mars. This time through a beautiful orange filter.

Photo Friday: Putting a Lock on Summer

Summer’s nostalgic heat diminished night’s cool rain. Long shadows promise cold days to come.  A lake rests, sequestered behind a fence. Fall’s gentle  promenade proclaimed. Summer curtsies, Autumn advances. What’s in your lens this week?  Please grab the button below and link-up with me. And another beautiful link-up:

Gratitude Monday #52: Fall

In younger years, I disliked autumn.  Autumn ushered in winter.  Everyday of fall was a step closer to bleakness. Autumn was brown and dead.  Each cool day was a sign of things to come. Somewhere along life’s journey, I fell in love with fall.  I love the colors and the sounds and the smells.  I love the reds and the oranges and the yellows.  I love the rustle of leaves and the long shadows in the afternoon.  I love hot cider with cinnamon sticks.  I love a field of mushrooms growing in the mulch and the mustiness of harvested bean…

Photo Friday: Blue, Blue, My Heart is Blue

Oh all right, I’m a little over-dramatic. The weather was a beautiful, blustery, 77 degrees yesterday. Today the “snowflake” light on my car dashboard warned me “Baby it’s cold outside.” Yes, it’s now 36 degrees. Summer fun went into hibernation sometime during the night. That said, a few blues, and some purples, are hanging on as if to say, “There’s hope. Hang on. The cold is just a wave that will pass.”

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