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Tag: baby boomer fashion

Bicycling in Style

I love to bicycle.  It’s good exercise, but that’s not why I love it.  Bicycling makes me feel like a little girl.  Especially when I have my turquoise bike from L.L.Bean and my great basket on front. (See how I bungied by ice-tea to the inside of the basket?)  Especially, Especially when I have little girls and boys to ride along with me. No, I’m not riding in a skirt.  That’s my new skort from Kohl’s and a matching long tank underneath, so I don’t feel self-conscious about the see-throughedness of my linen shirt.  I love skorts because they are…


I’m not going to post an outfit everyday.  Holy smokes, I’m not that brave or that confident.  Heck, I probably don’t even have enough clothes for that.

Maybe there’s some room in fashion for an unconscious competent.  Someone who likes to get dressed and not think about it again.

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