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RoadTripping: Day 3

I wake from a dream where I solved my newsletter import/export problems. Like Watson and Crick, I hold on to my vision.  I can fix this.  I can. I delay us leaving by two hours, sure I of my solution. I do not succeed. We get up, swim, have another breakfast of waffles and scrambled eggs.  Really, really good eggs.   I spent most of the day editing the exported spreadsheet from my old newsletter (not working) in hopes that I can import when we stopped.  Well, I’m riding in the car anyways, I can look up as often as I…

RoadTripping, Day 2

Oh how nice it is to have a swim in a warmish indoor pool.  I believe swimming strengthens the sit-up, stand-up-straight posture muscles.  Anyways, I love starting the day with a little exercise.  Then a soak in the jacuzzi and we’re ready to get ready for breakfast. Thank you Hampton Inn for a real breakfast:  eggs, waffles, biscuits, yogurt, fresh fruit, juice, and the beloved coffee (in regular, bold, and decaf.)  I find out not all Hampton Inn breakfasts are alike.  This one has some spongy kind of instant eggs.  I should have opted for the boiled variety.  Still and…

RoadTripping: Day 1

Loved-One says he hates road trips.  His long legs, cramped into a Prius?  Not good.  My short legs dangling from the high seats of a mini-van? Less than ideal.  So how are we ever going to make that Route 66 trip I long for? Make the trip the vacation.  We’re going to Utah!  Why?  Hey, why not?  We’ve never been there before. I have a new app:  RoadTripper.  I’m pumped.  RoadTripper tells me the journey is 1373 miles, it will take 20 hours 30 minutes and we’ll spend about $236 in gas. RoadTripper has a lot to learn about us.…

Borscht and a Haircut

I always wanted to make Borscht.  So for my last post during January, National Soup month, I did. Here’s what you need: 12 oz of beets 1 pound of beef chuck or pork spareribs flour vegetable oil 1 pt stewed tomatoes 2 cups shredded cabbage 1 chopped up onion 12 oz shredded carrots 1 T celery seed 1 T white wine vinegar 2 T red cooking wine 2 cloves minced garlic salt and pepper 1 1/2 t sugar sour cream dill 2 t lemon juice I started out with the recipe from Joy of Cooking and modified it with what…

A Gift of Time

The greatest gift we have is our time. – Meditation from St. Francis Xavier

It’s cold and winter is here; summer still clings with all her might.  Sometimes, that’s the way I feel.  I love summer.  Still, there’s something invigorating about a brisk walk in crisp air.

St. Pat's 3

My friend Geri gifted me with a day in Chicago with friends. Of course I can go anytime, but I don’t.  I wait for a reason. What better reason than time with a friend.

First we visited the French Market.  I never knew

Photo Friday: A Mrs. Potts for Everyone

10 years ago I made a silly, splurgy purchase of a Mrs. Potts costume.  It cost $50.00.  What can I say, I got carried away by Duckie’s Halloween exuberance.  She planned a Halloween Party with two ghoulish assistants:  Love-One and me.  She scoured the catalogs and we ordered our costumes together:  She, Minnie Mouse; me,  Mrs. Potts. We all love Mrs. Potts.  Sorry, no pictures of me as Mrs. Potts.  I’m the one holding the camera. Related articles Halloween: It’s Costume Time Happy Halloween! 25 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

Photo Friday: When is Lunch?

Is that a 30 minute lunch, or an hour lunch? The pharmacist who saw me snap this picture kindly explained, I know, it’s confusing.  We HAVE to get out of here by 2:30.  No exceptions.  So we MUST break for lunch by 2:15. And just when I though I figured out what the sign was supposed to mean, someone had to go and clarify.

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