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The Incovenience of All This Convenience

I went to Costa Rica by accident. I mean, I knew nothing about Costa Rica, or why I wanted to go there. That was in 1992. A couple of years later I was in Africa, then the Yucatán Peninsula, and after that, a riverboat on the Amazon.  I became a traveler well-after I became a mother of teens.  How did I get so adventurous? How did I discover irresistible deals? Elizabeth.

I met Elizabeth at Riverside Plaza, the same building I met Cathy, my “redeployment specialist.” Cathy was there to cheer-lead me to a new career, and reassure me of my value. Elizabeth sent me off on my first international travel.

Living in Abundance

I’ve been in mourning.  Mourning the loss of my freedom.  Wishing to have more without giving anything up.  I made a list of all the things that make be cry when I think about leaving my business of free-lance writing and consulting:  long commutes, walking in my yard anytime I want, my office, lunch with Loved-One, fluidity…

I know, I know.  In these economic times, I should be happy that I have this opportunity.  Especially, since I was minding my own business and two, yes, two firms contacted me.  I’m really am sooo lucky.

So why do I feel sad?

Feminist? Yes, I am.

I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is:  I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a door mat or a prostitute.  ~Rebecca West, “Mr Chesterton in Hysterics: A Study in Prejudice,” The Clarion, 14 Nov 1913, reprinted in The Young Rebecca, 1982 In the wake of both Democratic and Republican convention, I see more division, nastiness, and vitriolic dredging up of the Roe v Wade decision; a Supreme Court decision made almost 40 years ago.  I am saddened by the rage and hatred of so…

Photo Friday: Fruits of our Labor

It’s Labor Day Weekend!  The garden is in full swing, and we enjoying abundance.  It’s a great time to rest from our labors. \ It’s time to rest and enjoy! Related articles Weekend Family Challenge: Labor Day (

Photo Friday: Seeds of Change

So far, the summer is dry and hot.  Yes, it is still summer and will be for at least another month.  I notice how the plant-life is adapting to this near-fatal summer.  Mother nature sending her energy to the next generation:  fruit and berries in over-abundance.     My morning walks with Loved-One are in the near-dark; dawn greats us as we reach our destination.  School buses goes by, practicing new routes; school will be in session soon.  I find myself holding summer close, unprepared to move to the next season.  Are you ready?            …

Photo Friday: Harvest Moon

The moon is gorgeous these past few nights.   I wish I could marry these photos with the sounds of the insects and frogs making a racket on my evening walks.   I am singing that old song, “Shine on Harvest Moon.”  You know the one that goes, Shine On, Shine on Harvest Moon, Up in the sky. I ain’t had no loving since January, February, June or July. Still, this song by Niel Young is so much more fitting for me and my Loved One. Click the picture above to hear the song. So much more meaningful this time…

Cecil Lyon and Eliza B.

Did you ever buy something you just love and then can’t find it again?  Did you ever get so delighted with a purchase that you had to tell someone?  Did you ever meet someone who impressed you with his or her commitment to quality?  All three things happened to me just before I went on my camping trip.  (Spoiler alert:  remember last week’s Photo Friday.)

I bought these great pair of flip-flops in Hilton Head.  I was attending a conference and the flip-flop sandals were an end-of-season-great-price in the resort gift shop.  The flip-flops were $30.  On sale.  It was 10 whole years ago.

What? You’re probably asking.  $30 for a pair of flip-flops?  I hate to shop; I’m not that woman who moans when she smells good shoe-leather. (That’s my sister, Deanna.)  Still, every once in a while, I decide to treat myself to something purely unnecessary; something that makes me feel pampered; something a wee bit extravagant.

This year, one of the sandal toe-ribbons on my flip-flop broke.  Oh how I love that gentle gross-grain ribbon between my toes; no break-in-my-flip-flop blisters to welcome me to summer.   Okay, maybe it is time I gave them up anyways.  The fabric is getting a little tattered looking.

My 10 year-old sandal; the one with the ribbon still intact. Okay, it IS a little worn out.


Yes, I was wearing the same sandals for the past 10 years.  A quick trip in the washer, and dried in the sun, and I am set to go again.  Good as new.  Lucky for me, the leather Peanut still proclaimed loud and clear:  Eliza B.  So for $30 over 10 years, that’s just $3 a year.  A pretty good deal.  One I want to repeat.

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