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Style and Poetry

Today’s prompt: The number 13 is often considered unlucky, so today I’d like to challenge you to beat the bad luck away with a poem inspired by fortune cookies. Of course, for me, that silly game, adding “in bed” after each fortune, comes quickly to mind.  Coupled with some things about me and fashion, going to the BAM conference, and some new clothes from StitchFix. StitchFix (in bed) Shopping is good for esteem (in bed) New clothes for BAM in your dream (in bed) Your need for quality fills you with lust (in bed) A solid bargain is just a…

Kimono, Heels and Yoga Pants? Yes, Indeed.

So many people liked my tips on those little loops inside drapey blouses and tops, that I decided to do a repeat. CeCe got me this kimono and Nikibiki cami for my birthday.     CeCe’s friend, Michelle owns, Faith and Grace Boutique, where she sells unique, stylish clothing, that is practical for us fuller figured women. Michelle doesn’t have a website yet. I’m working with her on that. The last time I wore the kimono and Nikibiki, I was at BAM in Nashville.  My roommate took a picture for me.  I thought I looked so together.  Guess what?  One side of the…

Gratitude Monday: Overflowing in Abundance

A long Road trip, a hundred new friends and support from afar fill me with gratitude. Wow, my cups is overflowing. Wow! What a week. Loved-One on one end and sister Mary on the other, I traveled between Chicago and Nashville like I had my own private security and travel arrangers. Mary kept me posted on road conditions; Loved-one made sure I got a hotel room at my home away from home, Hampton Inn, and a place to get my iPad fixed. Yes, I dropped my iPad, destroying the glass. Batteries Plus & Bulbs fixed me up in 3 hours…

Photo Friday: RoadTripping Again

With my co-pilots at a distance, I take less opportunity to stop and see the sites. Hampton is again, my home away from home. The doors opened for me and warmth greeted me. And then this happened. Drat! I dropped my most important tool. Oh well, I now have a textured screen. Three more hours to Opryland and BAM Conference.

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