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Bicycling in Style

I love to bicycle.  It’s good exercise, but that’s not why I love it.  Bicycling makes me feel like a little girl.  Especially when I have my turquoise bike from L.L.Bean and my great basket on front. (See how I bungied by ice-tea to the inside of the basket?)  Especially, Especially when I have little girls and boys to ride along with me. No, I’m not riding in a skirt.  That’s my new skort from Kohl’s and a matching long tank underneath, so I don’t feel self-conscious about the see-throughedness of my linen shirt.  I love skorts because they are…

Gratitude Monday #42

  Okay, you noticed.  I have NOT been at Gratitude Monday for 42 weeks.  I just decided to match up my week with Laurel’s over at Alphabet Salad where I link up with other grateful readers/writers.  Oh, I’m so happy I no longer need to come up with a catchy title for the week.  Such a clever woman!  Wait.  How many weeks did it take me to come up with that?   So here’s my list in no particular order:   Siblings:  I still have all eight of mine and all of my siblings-in-law.  No one’s lost a born child. …

Photo Friday: Foggy Morning Bike Ride

I snapped these photos while I was pedaling.  Love my iPhone!  A little bit of blurriness is from the fog and some is because I of the pedaling.  No retouching.  Oh that was peaceful.  I think I’ll do it again tomorrow.  The bike ride, not the pictures.  

Photo Friday: A Candid Self-Portrait

I love bicycling.  Especially since I got my new L.L.Bean bicycle. I even like the way I look in this picture. I am pretty sure I took it by accident. A candid self-portrait.  Hmm… Some of my favorite work is a surprise. (Photo taken with my iPhone5, no editing.)

NaBloPoMo and Photo Friday: Fishing for a Ride

Rocky died. Just a week after Loved-One got him from the G-Kids. They brought over four new koi, a Father’s Day present. After consideration of their personalities and physical appearance they got their names: Rocky, Dr. Streekor, Blu, and Zorro. Loved-One wrapped the deceased Rocky in a sandwich bag and put him inside the freezer. The G-Kids cried when they heard the news. I got out an old jewelry box with a cotton lining, put a ribbon around it, and put the coffin back in the freezer. Tuesday at 8 AM, Beany called to say the koi farmer will replace…

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