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Tag: Black Friday

Holding on to Christmas

     When I was a young mother, low these many years ago (1973, could it have been that long ago?) my own mother faced a decision:  continue on with our traditional Christmas Eve celebration where siblings exchanged gifts from names we drew from a hat on Thanksgiving; or morph our Christmas celebration to something new. Why make a change?  I’m second of nine children.  As we flew the nest, we tried to blend traditions of our family of origin and our spouses family.  I craved some family memories with my own little family of three.  With only three of nine…

Photo Friday: Chocolate Friday

The day after Thanksgiving, I stay snug inside and up to my elbows in chocolate. This year I’ll have two daughters, two friends, and 10 children helping.  I’m hoping the men will get the tree up while confectioners work.

Photo Friday: Thanksgiving and Our Version of Black Friday

  Oh what abundance I am blessed with:   And then there’s Black Friday.  Make that Chocolate Friday for us.  It’s candy-making day at my house. You don’t see Loved-One in these pictures.  He is right there with sponge in hand, helping with all the clean-up.  That’s one of the reasons he is the one and only Loved-One. Related articles Thanksgiving is over? ( Why must we buy? Black Friday’s powerful pull ( What Does Your Black Friday Look Like? Send Us Your Photos (

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