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Gratitude Monday: Overflowing in Abundance

A long Road trip, a hundred new friends and support from afar fill me with gratitude. Wow, my cups is overflowing. Wow! What a week. Loved-One on one end and sister Mary on the other, I traveled between Chicago and Nashville like I had my own private security and travel arrangers. Mary kept me posted on road conditions; Loved-one made sure I got a hotel room at my home away from home, Hampton Inn, and a place to get my iPad fixed. Yes, I dropped my iPad, destroying the glass. Batteries Plus & Bulbs fixed me up in 3 hours…

What’s a Noun Blogger to Do? Top 10 Things I Learned at BlogHer13

Okay, I’m a Noun Blogger. Now what? I could go on and on. But I won’t. Instead: My Top 10 take-homes from BlogHer13: Be brief. I churn out 850 and 1500 without looking up. Most blog posts are about 300 words. My first exercise to this end: split this post into three. In my head, I planned this post as an essay. what i learned, my vision, and my game plan. I can tease my readers a little. If the writing is good, they still might not come. I neet to network with other bloggers. Yes, I already have my…

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