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Meet Clayton Smith, Chicago Author

I met Clayton Smith at the “Chicago Writes Conference” last September.  He read from his then soon-to-be-released novel, Anomaly Flats. He hooked me with the scene where the main character, Mallory, gets introduced to the Oracle, which turns out to be the bowling alley.  I could hear, see, and smell that bowling alley.  The idea that a place has prescience stayed in my head until I could get the book.  Plus, Clayton stuck around and chatted with me for a while. Okay, maybe I hooked him into a conversation a little bit, too.  After all, I’m the woman who sat…

Come Meet Michael Allan Scott (and a book giveaway)

  What does an artistic, recovering drug addict, who spent his jail time in solitary confinement, have in common with me?  I got a chance to sit down and chat awhile with Michael Allan Scott; the man with the storied past and compare notes.  We have more in common than you might think. Michael Allan Scott entered the world loving a good story.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  He, like me, had a mother who read to him from an early age, and a father who loved to weave a good yarn.  Like me, Mike liked writing…

Hilary Grossman’s DANGLED CARAT and a Book Giveaway

SHG at the beachWhen did I first met Hilary Grossman?  It seems we’ve known each other for years.  We’re virtual friends; part of and and we exchange Tweets.  This month I learned more about her by reading her “Chick Lit that happens to be true” book, Dangled Carat.  Over the weekend, I got a chance to meet Hilary face-to-face.  Well, sort of:  we FaceTimed on Saturday morning, she in her beach-house in Long Island, me in my frosty office north of Chicago.

Dangled Carat  is an Indie book about the love of Hilary’s life, Marc:  How they met, fell in love, and well, how the Carat dangled for both of them.

Hilary always wanted to write, but it was a small BlogHer conference about turning a blog to a book that energized her and set her plan in motion.    She hired the author of Orphan Train, Christina Baker Kline, to edit her book.  Hilary also hired an artist to take her vision of the book cover from concept to reality.  These are both tips Guy Kawasaki gives

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