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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock

It’s another Gratitude Monday.  Of course, the Cubs win, The World Series, 108 years of Billy Goat curse laid to rest, of course that’s top on my list.  Oh so much fun, it’s difficult to wait until next season.  I went to Michigan to visit Mom last week, and made a Cubs convert of her.  (Maybe only for the 2016 post-season, but a convert nonetheless.)  Loved-One, a life long fan, read me excerpts from the paper: “And on the 39,466th day, God smiled and said, “Oh, what the hell.”” (Rick Morrissey) I wipe tears from his eyes.  My eyes leaked a…

Major Fun at the Minor League Game

Going to a ball game can be fun for the whole family.  I love major league ball, but add up even the fair upper deck seats are $30 each.  That’s without beer or hotdogs, or even peanuts and cracker jacks or parking ($30).  Estimated cost for a family of four to attend a Cubs game is somewhere around $305; my family is way bigger than four. This year I got a chance to visit the Kane County Cougars.  Go Cougars!  The A-Team affiliate of the Cubs.  Soooo much fun.  $10 a ticket  ($5 for seniors) and $1.00 for hotdogs, beer…

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