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Tag: childhood

Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2007-28

A month ago I woke up at dawn.  If the windows were open, the birds were already singing at full volume.  This morning it’s pitch dark, and my companion, as I start my writing, is a rusty moth, batting at the window begging to come in.  The coolness of the night reminds me of camping trips from my Michigan youth.  Such fond memories of vacations, sleeping outside, walking to the Dairy Queen, and cleaning skillets with beach sand. Surely, I began life as a blessed child. In no particular order, here are a few more reason, I feel blessed: The…

Throw-Back Thursday: Me and About

Did you memorize poetry in school?  I had a teacher mad about poetry. One poem every week.  Some of those poems stuck in my memory as pleasant as tree climbing did. Please, come travel down memory lane with me over at Once A Little Girl.

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