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Tag: cold weather.

Watching Ti-ime Slip Away

This might be the year for distraction. I planned to write something about Downton Abby and what’s going on in the economy right now. First I talked to Mom.  For an hour.  She makes me laugh.  We talked about hooking up/shacking up, and the changing face of society, and divorce, and Texas, and driving in a snowstorm.  We could have talked longer, but her arm hurt, and my ear got sore. Wrestler #2 texted me to let me know his mother-in-law is back in the hospitol.  Oh no! DeeDee texted me an urgent request to research re-occurring strep infections. Plus,…

Photo Friday: Blue, Blue, My Heart is Blue

Oh all right, I’m a little over-dramatic. The weather was a beautiful, blustery, 77 degrees yesterday. Today the “snowflake” light on my car dashboard warned me “Baby it’s cold outside.” Yes, it’s now 36 degrees. Summer fun went into hibernation sometime during the night. That said, a few blues, and some purples, are hanging on as if to say, “There’s hope. Hang on. The cold is just a wave that will pass.”

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