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Tag: Distractions

Watching Ti-ime Slip Away

This might be the year for distraction. I planned to write something about Downton Abby and what’s going on in the economy right now. First I talked to Mom.  For an hour.  She makes me laugh.  We talked about hooking up/shacking up, and the changing face of society, and divorce, and Texas, and driving in a snowstorm.  We could have talked longer, but her arm hurt, and my ear got sore. Wrestler #2 texted me to let me know his mother-in-law is back in the hospitol.  Oh no! DeeDee texted me an urgent request to research re-occurring strep infections. Plus,…

Photo Friday: Grackle Cackle

I need to write a new chapter.  Right there, between Chapter 20 and 21, I rushed.  Write there.  I need more action, clearer motivation, a transition.  Something.  I need a new, Chapter. I took a walk, I meditated.  I know what I need to do.  Write. Right. What’s that noise? Acorns and leaves pound my porch as I try to concentrate, to create, to get in the flow. Something like loud obnoxious radio static drives me to open the door and take a peek. Oh my.  I must get my camera.  It’s Photo Friday. (Please click on the picture to…

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