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Tag: Fall

Photo Friday: Almost Bleak

I don’t know.  I just really like this photo.    What do you think? Pop on over and see what’s in Jen’s lens.  She got a some great photos from an Australian guest that will blow your mind and remind you that it’s summer down under.

Photo Friday: Bare-Naked and Brown

There is a wisdom in the changing of the seasons. Gorgeous colors this fall make me ask, “When did I last see such a brilliant display?” Now it is gone. The stark nakedness has its own beauty: trees outlined against a brilliant, blue sky, surreal in the evening light. The open arms of bare branches seem to be saying: “I’m ready winter. Come on, cover me with your blankets of white.” Rest easy my friends, I know you’ll be back to work in the spring.

Photo Friday: Blue, Blue, My Heart is Blue

Oh all right, I’m a little over-dramatic. The weather was a beautiful, blustery, 77 degrees yesterday. Today the “snowflake” light on my car dashboard warned me “Baby it’s cold outside.” Yes, it’s now 36 degrees. Summer fun went into hibernation sometime during the night. That said, a few blues, and some purples, are hanging on as if to say, “There’s hope. Hang on. The cold is just a wave that will pass.”

Photo Friday: Seeds of Change

So far, the summer is dry and hot.  Yes, it is still summer and will be for at least another month.  I notice how the plant-life is adapting to this near-fatal summer.  Mother nature sending her energy to the next generation:  fruit and berries in over-abundance.     My morning walks with Loved-One are in the near-dark; dawn greats us as we reach our destination.  School buses goes by, practicing new routes; school will be in session soon.  I find myself holding summer close, unprepared to move to the next season.  Are you ready?            …

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