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Gratitude Monday: February is here

January is behind me.  My least favorite month.  Cold, long, annual and quarterly bills due, the holidays are behind me, plus a time when I take stock in what I’ve accomplished and where I’m going.  Where am I going?  Hmm… I know where I want to go.  I better get hopping. No with feet planted in February, the days are noticeably longer.  I know there’s more cold weather coming, but soon, the crocuses will start poking their hopeful heads through the frost.  Ahhh… I feel better already. Here’s what gratitude flows through my fingers and onto the page on this particular…

Photo Friday Link-up #20: A Promise of Spring

I took these pictures with my iPhone5.  The close-ups are with an attachable macro-lens. These are all the same bouquet of Valentine’s  flowers. February ended with a 144 year coldest-ever record. No February in recorded history has every single day below freezing.  Eight more days and not a respite in the forecast. What’s in your lens this week.  Please give me a peek by clicking the Inlinkz-frog below.

Photo Friday: Febrrrrruary, Pefect for Puzzling

February is a perfect month for puzzling.  Sub-zero weather, lots of snow and wind, and still dark nights keep me in by the fire with hot chocolate in hand. (That temperature from Weatherbug is the real temperature, not the windchill.  Brrrr-umpba!) Loved-One and I put together this winter-scene puzzle.  He’s a puzzle maniac.  I got addicted, too.  So much so that when I went out, I saw the puzzle pieces or a puzzle scene in every scene I passed.   Like this home nearby.  A puzzlers dream.  Almost like the scene we put together.  There’s even a red house and…

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