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OFOTW and NaPoWriMo Mashup

I missed my poem yesterday.  A bad day for me.  Food poisoning?  Some intestinal bug?  Whatever, I only managed 727 steps, according to Fitbit.  Most of them to bed and to you-know-where. Okay, so back to the keyboard with today’s challenge: write a visual poem. I took a look at examples, which are either abstract pictures or text arranged to make a picture.  What do you know?  One of the bloggers I follow, Silver Poetry, seems to be a visual poet.  Arna Baartz might  balk at that label; I have a feeling she’s resists labels..  I’m no expert. So here’s…

Gratitude Monday #59

A whole week passed before I got back to a blogpost.  Why? It’s the very thing for which I am most thankful this week. An Abundant Life! I’m busy writing for two newspapers, getting ready for my second favorite holiday and doing my best to focus my energy where with family and friends.  I marked my calendar with a tiny Christmas wreath on each day I have a holiday related event.  So far, December has 12 events. I have an exercise partner  who gets me back on the band-wagon and my daughter invited me to a FitBit challenge.  I am…

Photo Friday, Link-up #3

All summer I walk to meet Duckie coming home from work.  Fitbit attached, I log 3 miles and 12 flights of stairs on this walk.  And lovely scenery.  But the best part is:  Now I can walk all the way up these steep hills without stopping for a breather. Yay! What’s in your lens this week?  I’d love to take a peek.  Please click to join. Related articles Fitbit Flex Gadget Review Fitbit for my FatBot!

Gratitude Monday #42

  Okay, you noticed.  I have NOT been at Gratitude Monday for 42 weeks.  I just decided to match up my week with Laurel’s over at Alphabet Salad where I link up with other grateful readers/writers.  Oh, I’m so happy I no longer need to come up with a catchy title for the week.  Such a clever woman!  Wait.  How many weeks did it take me to come up with that?   So here’s my list in no particular order:   Siblings:  I still have all eight of mine and all of my siblings-in-law.  No one’s lost a born child. …

Gratitude Monday: Loafing a Little

It’s Monday and it’s time for a little Gratitude.  Thanks, Laurel, from Alphabet Salad for keeping this link-up going.  Some Monday’s it feels like a chore, others the gratitudes just overflow.  Can you guess what kind of Monday this is? Here’s my gratitude list in no particular order: An exercise buddy.  Sure you wimped out on me at the last-minute today, but I’m going to BodyPump without you. FitBit buddies and Duckie.  The days Duckie works, we meet half way.  It’s about five miles.  Still, I’m in sixth place with my walking buddies.  You peeps inspire me to keep on…

Mediterranian Lifestyle: Food, Friends, and Fun

I asked my Physician’s Assistant whether it’s true that it’s normal for women to gain 10 pounds each decade of their adult life.

“Yes it is,” she said.  “You’re doing just fine.”

I never asked what “just fine” meant.  That said, on the plus side, I managed to hold off two decades of weight gain.  On the minus side, in spite of all my self-talk:

“It’s ridiculous to believe you should look like you did in your 20s.  That makes about as much sense as the pre-pubescent wish to never grow breasts or have a period.”

“It ain’t gonna happen girlfriend.  Stop fretting.”

“You need a little reserve.  Grandmas are supposed to be soft.”

“There are other numbers more important, like cholesterol, blood pressure, angle of mobility, heart rate, activity level….”

I wish to be thinner.  I have narrow shoulder, a size Small, and I just look and feel better if my hips are at least a size Medium.  So I watch my calories, I study the latest diets, I exercise, and I try.

The Brookfield Zoo at Night, and a Little Mayan Food, Make the Holidays Bright

We started with The Joeffrey Ballet’s, The Nutcracker, with two-year-old Bradaigh.  Two years later, we added Emma. Each year, one more grandchild, until we grew to an even dozen.  Yes, my children are competitive pro-creators, giving us a grandchild nearly every year for twelve years.  Wheee!  I love it. Now, every Christmas Season, Loved-One and I take the grandkids for a special outing.  It’s fun to see the kids dressed up in their Christmas clothes and on their best behavior.  We love a little adventure with new cuisine or kinds of entertainment. We’ve been to The Snow Queen at The…

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