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Photo Friday: Book Club Gifters

This is my last (#5) of my week-long series about kindness gifting this holiday season.  If you’re just tuning in, please click back a few posts and start from the beginning. My book club meets on the third Thursdays of the month.  We take turns picking out a book and leading the discussion:  mostly fiction, plus at least one non-fiction and one classic each year. That means right before Thanksgiving and then again right before Christmas. So… no book for December.  Instead it’s party time.  And time for sharing.  Each year we find an organization that is willing to give…

Gifting My Gift

This fall devastating tornadoes ripped through the middle of the state I live in.  Mother Nature doesn’t seem to care what time of year it is, or who she runs over.  She’s wicked like that. Donating the American Red Cross is one great way to help.  With crowd-sourcing networks, it’s possible to help a specific family.  I prefer giving directly to the people in need because it avoids the overhead.  Either way, I’m careful, so I check out charities through Better Business Bureau “Wise Giving Report and I prefer to know who I’m helping if I choose a person or…

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