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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock 2017-7

I’m mellowing into our new political climate.  Perhaps mellowing is too sedentary a word.  This weekend I began to see some plus sides.  I’m not one to use the phrase, “all things happen for a reason,” or even “it must be God’s plan.”  However, I can see that people can be energized toward good when they see the unsavory side of human nature, and we can do God’s will in the wake of tragedy.  I love our new environment stimulates so many people to demonstrate, boycott, listen, discuss, get involved in local government, etc.

Most of my sadness has abated and I can see sunshine in my days. I’m sure it helps that I literally see more sunshine and the days are getting longer, as well as warmer.

Here’s a few more things, in no particular order, that I am grateful for this Monday morning:

Gratitude Monday: Blessed Exhaustion

It’s gratitude Monday, and I’m so fatigues, a little discouraged, and I feel so behind, Instead, i’ll take some time to count my blessing. A strong grandson, Mr. B, who helped CoCo get moved into her apartment.  I’m pretty sure, Love-One and I could not have carried the couch and the mattress up those stairs.  Okay, maybe we could have, but I am so grateful, I didn’t need to do any of the heavy lifting. Love-One’s Fitbit proclaimed that he climbed 57 flight of stairs, mine 26. Doreen McGettigan and her incredible journey with Sophie.  More on Doreen, author of…

Gratitude Monday: Bare Oaks on Blue Skies

It’s Monday afternoon, already. This morning, Love-One invited me on a spontaneous outing.  . So number one on my list is the freedom I get from working from home.  Okay, now I’m home, and I have a bunch of freelance writing to complete.  That’s good, too. In no particular order, here is my list of gratitudes for this Monday morning:  Naked oaks against a blue sky.  An extra day this year.  Happy Leap Day everyone!  A roommate for the BAM conference.  Thank you Kim for joining me.  Happy Birthdays from family and friends near and far.  A respite of springtime…

Gratitude Monday: February is here

January is behind me.  My least favorite month.  Cold, long, annual and quarterly bills due, the holidays are behind me, plus a time when I take stock in what I’ve accomplished and where I’m going.  Where am I going?  Hmm… I know where I want to go.  I better get hopping. No with feet planted in February, the days are noticeably longer.  I know there’s more cold weather coming, but soon, the crocuses will start poking their hopeful heads through the frost.  Ahhh… I feel better already. Here’s what gratitude flows through my fingers and onto the page on this particular…

Gratitude Monday: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I got to thinking about someone from my somewhat distant past.  Yes, I’m at an age where I actually have a distant past.  I knew Sister Mary when my children were young.  I attended a class of hers on Wednesday mornings.  Inevitably, I forgot something: a pencil, my notebook, the book we were studying, my assignment, my gloves. Something.  Sister Mary, smiled at my cotton-headed muggleness. “I’m just so glad you are here.  With so many things in your life, I’m happy you take the time to be here.” She also admonished us that we cannot say something is important…

Gratitude Monday

I spent the weekend on the road: sitting in the car, sitting in the pee-wee football stands, sitting in a hotel.  I had a lovely getaway. And, I’m so happy to be back home again.  Here’s my list in no particular order:

 Cuddly cat sisters.  It really is nice to have a companion who sits on my lap while I stroke her.  When they come in pairs, it’s just that much nicer.

My Office Manager
My Office Manager

  Yoga.  I mad today’s intention gratitude.  Along with several things that popped up, was the very practice.  Plus, my muscles shouted out, “too much sitting” in a way they rarely do.

  Children with good manners.   I ran into some people who lacked manners this weekend. Perhaps that highlighted that I take it for granted the consistency “please and thank you,”

Gratitude Monday: Stop to Breathe

gratitude - 1
Miss S and I went for breakfast at our favorite restaurant.

Whoa!  I feel a little stressed this morning.  Wait! It’s already afternoon.  The weather remains mild. I have work that pays. My family is healthy. I have enough to eat and a cozy house.  Having too much to do is self-inflicted stress.  I did my daily reading and hurried through the briefest of meditations.  I met CeCe for yoga, and five minutes later wished it was over. So I tell myself, ‘just breathe.’  

A week with grandchildren: Miss E, Miss S, and Mr. C.  What wonderful kids. They practically take care of themselves.  All three climbed into bed before 8:30 and got themselves up and ready for school without a word of fuss.

Rocket Clubs and newspaper assignments.  gratitude - 2Without the newspaper assignment I would never have met some fellow science geeks, saw adults and children bonding over rocket blasts, or met a new writer friend.  Wonderful.

Marching band competition.  The best

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