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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock

It’s another Gratitude Monday.  Of course, the Cubs win, The World Series, 108 years of Billy Goat curse laid to rest, of course that’s top on my list.  Oh so much fun, it’s difficult to wait until next season.  I went to Michigan to visit Mom last week, and made a Cubs convert of her.  (Maybe only for the 2016 post-season, but a convert nonetheless.)  Loved-One, a life long fan, read me excerpts from the paper: “And on the 39,466th day, God smiled and said, “Oh, what the hell.”” (Rick Morrissey) I wipe tears from his eyes.  My eyes leaked a…

Gratitude Monday: Exhausted and Revitalized

Here I am, the day after a weekend at CWC2016.  What a wonderful writers conference.  I met such good people, and I learned some valuable new tools.  Plus, I learned that I already know a lot, and I have a lot to share.  That is so affirming! Look, I’m dancing on a bus, thanks to the Twitter stickers I discovered this weekend.  I know.  I am so easily tickled. Forgive me, if I focus on some of those things, this bright, sunny Monday morning where all things seem possible. And in no particular order: A Loved-One who knows that a…

Gratitude Monday: Little Brother and such

Last week a 36 year-old colleague passed away.  She had a severe asthma attack.  Of course I knew asthma can kill. But for me, that was just in theory. I had asthma as a young adult.  My youngest brother, John, had asthma. My asthma was relatively mild. I had the horrible sensation of being able to breathe good air in, but unable to push the bad air out. For John, it was life-threatening.  We rushed my little brother to the hospital many times.   Not so for Anne. She left behind a young daughter, a husband, and many people who loved her…

Gratitude Monday:

stay-ice cream
Miss S at Mellie’s

Okay, I procrastinated enough this morning: week planned, tweets set, garden weeded,, breakfast eaten, first meditation of the day settled,

Writing.  Do you ever put off what gives you the most pleasure?  Let’s warm up with a little gratitude.

Monday morning is Mom’s time.  I so look forward to our visits by phone.  I tried to FaceTime her, because I haven’t seen her face in two months.  Alas, the message, “unavailable,” came up, so I had to settle for the old-fashioned, land line.  I settled in for a cup of coffee on the balcony, while we visited.  She gave me my first laugh-out loud moment of the day.  I laughed so hard, I inhaled a gnat.  I swear, three hours later, it’s still trying to make it’s way out my windpipe.  I envision my immune system in an Extreme Wrestling match with a tiny something with tinsy legs flailing relentlessly against a growing glob of mucous.

Facebook for crowd-sourcing. I put it out there, I need someone who can design the cover to my novel, A Ship of Pearl.  I do believe I found someone in Chad Green. He’s as excited as I am out A Ship of Pearl, asking all the right questions.  He sent me some examples of theatre posters he created, and now, I’m even more pumped.  And guess what?  Chad is my cousin’s son.  Is that my second cousin, or my cousin once removed.  Anyways, the inspiration behind one of the main characters is Chad’s grandpa.  Chad’s going to help me with the cover and the early purchase postcards.  Thank you Facebook. Thank you Chad.

Gratitude Monday: Blessed Exhaustion

It’s gratitude Monday, and I’m so fatigues, a little discouraged, and I feel so behind, Instead, i’ll take some time to count my blessing. A strong grandson, Mr. B, who helped CoCo get moved into her apartment.  I’m pretty sure, Love-One and I could not have carried the couch and the mattress up those stairs.  Okay, maybe we could have, but I am so grateful, I didn’t need to do any of the heavy lifting. Love-One’s Fitbit proclaimed that he climbed 57 flight of stairs, mine 26. Doreen McGettigan and her incredible journey with Sophie.  More on Doreen, author of…

Gratitude Monday: It’s a Circus in Rockford

I love the circus.  CeCi invited me to go with her family,  Rockford is a hour’s drive from her house.  It’s closer than Chicago where the CIRCUS comes.  We went to the circus.  Just one ring.  Just a half-full stadium.  Just two clowns, some acrobats, and some jugglers.  And camels performing. Sometimes little things are sweet. Don’t you think? Today I give you some little things that bring gratitude to my heart: Five redbreast robins hopping and stopping in the early morning dew.  Each stops, tilts her head, and  to pulls a worm from the freshly mowed lawn. Lily of…

Gratitude Monday, hugs and closed mouthes

It’s Monday: Time to count my blessings, tiny and not. Hugs from Mr. R1. There’s something special about unrequested, spontaneous hugs. Especially from a 10 year-old boy.  Requests for home work help from Miss S. It feels so good to be needed.  A surprise “Christmas present” from CoCo. There’s a long story behind this.  One where I was less than a good listener.  One that made me laugh until tears flowed freely. One that makes CoCo laugh, too.  A safe trip to and from a cheerleading competition. Oh, the winds on the freeway this weekend.  Seven semi trucks blown off the…

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