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Gratitude Monday: Conquering the Grumbles

What goes down, must come back up. This is the steepest.

Whew!  I’m so happy last week is in the review mirror.  Deadlines converging and fluid schedule is wonderful in so many ways.  And overwhelming in others.

CoCo got up in a grumpy mood.  She complained all the way to work. Maybe a little gratitude?

“You know, I heard on The Talk last week, that starting the day with gratitude makes you happier and healthier. Let’s each name three things.”


Gratitude Monday: Mud, Memory, and Mosquitoes

I know I said it before:  I love Monday’s.  So filled with possibilities.  After an unplugged weekend, I’m ready to get plugged in again.  What better way than to start with a little gratitude. ♥  Children who prioritize good manners.  I love the way my children are teaching their children to respect others in their words, deeds, and their non-verbal cues. ♥  New babies.  My nephew and his wife are taking their little bundle Isaac home today. Born early and with some signs of stress, he is now healthy, though very tiny. He’s a reminder of how some things we take…

Gratitude Monday: It’s all good (okay, it’s not all bad)

First, everyone (except me) complained about too much rain. It was too cool to recognize summer. Next, we got a mini-drought and some super hot weather.  Now the mosquitoes are out; so tiny, with stingers that pierce through my garden gloves. ♥  Humming birds: I know their migration means summer is coming to a close.  Still, I love the hurried hum of activity around the flowers. Was that a humming-bird I saw out of the corner of my eye?  I’m not sure.  Watch. Wait. Yes, indeed it is. 🙂 Other writers:  I’m still in a bliss-haze connecting with writers at…

Gratitude Monday: Writing Chicago and More

Today is a quiet morning with many practical things to fill me up.  It is the beginning of a new month: calendars to update, birthday cards to buy, henna to apply, things to clean, news articles to write. It’s the week after the Writing Chicago Conference so I have new things to consider: indie publishing, connections with new friends, new dialog, beginning my next book, new stories. Isn’t August a wonderful month?   What was that? Ah yes,  a promise remembered. Yet, it’s Monday. Time to begin again. Time for a little Gratitude. In no particular order: ♦  Chicago: What a beautiful…

Gratitude Monday: Potpourri

Last week I got a little fatigued, a little overwhelmed, and little teary-eyed, and quite a bit forgetful.  Probably the first two, led to the second two, which propelled me to self-chastisement.  I should nap, but often when I do, I have a hard time getting to sleep at night.  I should go to bed earlier; I should be more organized; I should keep a list; I should be more thoughtful; I should have a better sense of time….  Do you ever do that? So first on my gratitude list is: ♥  I can give myself permission.  Sometimes things don’t…

Gratitude Monday: In the Wake of a Storm

A tornado touched down in the county where I live.  Nobody hurt. The winds and rain knocked down one of our trees. tree down - 1 Again, nobody hurt. Even most of the flowers sprang back to life, perhaps stretching in the sun after years in the shade.  I swear one of my garden flocks bloomed while Loved-One and I cleaned up the mess.

Of course, top on my list is:  Nobody hurt.  And in no particular order some other things for which I give thanks:

♥ My editor, Lisa Romeo.  You are just the right blend of gentle, clear, and firm.  Just the kind of editor I need.

😉 Wheelbarrows.  I filled one with sticks from all over other parts of the yard.  Who

Gratitude Monday: Meditations of a Rainy Day

The weather continues to delight me.  Okay, rain keeps coming; but Here’s my Monday list, in no particular order, and starting with something weather related: 😛  Open windows through which I hear raindrops silencing everything, followed by a cheerful coming to life: Cardinals singing, Blue Jays keeping the peace, the buzzing bees, the distant drone of an airplane, gentle breezes rustling cherry leaves, and the frogs croaking. 😛  A gardening partner who mows while I edge, who trips while I weed, who gathers while I sweep.  Thank you Loved-One. 😛 Amazon Prime who hold my wishes and reminds me to…

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