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Gratitude Monday: Writing Chicago and More

Today is a quiet morning with many practical things to fill me up.  It is the beginning of a new month: calendars to update, birthday cards to buy, henna to apply, things to clean, news articles to write. It’s the week after the Writing Chicago Conference so I have new things to consider: indie publishing, connections with new friends, new dialog, beginning my next book, new stories. Isn’t August a wonderful month?   What was that? Ah yes,  a promise remembered. Yet, it’s Monday. Time to begin again. Time for a little Gratitude. In no particular order: ♦  Chicago: What a beautiful…

Gratitude Monday: Potpourri

Last week I got a little fatigued, a little overwhelmed, and little teary-eyed, and quite a bit forgetful.  Probably the first two, led to the second two, which propelled me to self-chastisement.  I should nap, but often when I do, I have a hard time getting to sleep at night.  I should go to bed earlier; I should be more organized; I should keep a list; I should be more thoughtful; I should have a better sense of time….  Do you ever do that? So first on my gratitude list is: ♥  I can give myself permission.  Sometimes things don’t…

Gratitude Monday: In the Wake of a Storm

A tornado touched down in the county where I live.  Nobody hurt. The winds and rain knocked down one of our trees. tree down - 1 Again, nobody hurt. Even most of the flowers sprang back to life, perhaps stretching in the sun after years in the shade.  I swear one of my garden flocks bloomed while Loved-One and I cleaned up the mess.

Of course, top on my list is:  Nobody hurt.  And in no particular order some other things for which I give thanks:

♥ My editor, Lisa Romeo.  You are just the right blend of gentle, clear, and firm.  Just the kind of editor I need.

😉 Wheelbarrows.  I filled one with sticks from all over other parts of the yard.  Who

Gratitude Monday: Meditations of a Rainy Day

The weather continues to delight me.  Okay, rain keeps coming; but Here’s my Monday list, in no particular order, and starting with something weather related: 😛  Open windows through which I hear raindrops silencing everything, followed by a cheerful coming to life: Cardinals singing, Blue Jays keeping the peace, the buzzing bees, the distant drone of an airplane, gentle breezes rustling cherry leaves, and the frogs croaking. 😛  A gardening partner who mows while I edge, who trips while I weed, who gathers while I sweep.  Thank you Loved-One. 😛 Amazon Prime who hold my wishes and reminds me to…

Gratitude Monday: Back in the Saddle

Did you miss me a little, last week?  I took a vacation with three grandkids, their mom, Coco and Love-One.  I scurried to get some posts scheduled, got my newspaper articles written, and set off for Disney World (and Universal.)  Oh what a great time we had. The weather was hot, hot, hot, which brings me to the first thing on my gratitude list: 🙂  Air-conditioning:  Usually, I’m cursing the cold of air-conditioned restaurants. “I shouldn’t have to carry a sweatshirt everywhere I go!” It’s summer, it’s supposed to be hot. But even this warm-weather-lover, appreciates a reprieve from 95°…

Gratitude Monday: Cup of Perspective

This week I had three separate frets.  By the third fret, Loved-One got a bit anxious.

“You’re always so calm,” he said.  “It’s hard for me to see you agitated.  I’m afraid you might lose it.”

Mind you,


In one instant, I made cell-phone calls in quick succession.  No throwing or shouting or swearing or stamping, or hitting of animate or inanimate objects.

“Let’s go for a walk,” Loved-One suggested.

I really wanted

Gratitude Monday: Abundance

My heart got tortured the past week. My nephew’s getting married.  Saturday was the Wedding Shower. A niece and nephew graduated this year.  Their parties are this coming weekend.  Connie is my godchild. I can’t go both weekends.  It’s over 300 miles away, more than a 5 hour drive.  I say more than, because I never know how long it will take. Traffic through Chicago is always a bit dicey. I choose graduations. Godchild trumps nephew. I see the photos on Facebook of the Shower. Boo.  I wish I went.  Oh well, I’ll see everyone next weekend. Then it happens. Mr.…

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