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Gratitude Monday and NaPoWriMo Mashup

Today’s challenge: write a riddle poem. This poem should describe something without ever naming it. Perhaps each line could be a different metaphor for the same object? Maybe the title of the poem can be the “answer” to the riddle.       Scenes from a Spring Tornado Green Ferns sit on porches, Yellow Jonquils bop merry, While Sky Lightning torches, Purple Hyacinth waft eery. Questions, Frets, and phone calls alert, Swirling and Dipping and Touching down. Some: Pray, Relief, Fears avert. Begin again, out and up from under the ground. Okay, it might be a bit hard to see the…

Gratitude Monday:  Snow again

It’s late in the day. I failed to start the day writing my gratitudes.  Still, I did a lot of contemplating.  I had time because I spent the morning and most of the afternoon waiting. Talking. Waiting. Talking. Waiting. So here I go: 4-wheel drive. I woke to snow. Three inches of it. By 6, CoCo, CeCe, and I began a drive to the surgi-center an hour away, for CeCe’s out-patient surgery. (Nothing serious, just a little repair work.) I supposed local road crews believed the first day of spring meant no more snow.  I suppose they are new to…

Gratitude Monday

Oh thank goodness for warmer weather.  After driving through the aftermath of snow in Kentucky, I am thankful for the great snow removal efforts we have here in Illinois.  We complain about cold and snow, and wish it got cleared and salted faster than it does, but our slow-down is nothing compared to Kentucky.  Anyways, the snow is almost gone there and here.  I know we have more cold weather on the way. Still, a respite is a blessing.

♥  New growth: Daffodils and crocuses are finally pushing through the soil.  Yay.

♥  Another history making event.  

Gratitude Monday: Life is Good

Here I am again, Monday. So many little things fill me with gratitude. Still, sometimes I feel like I must dig deep to remember.  Especially when I feel overwhelmed with deadlines. Soooo… In no particular order:

♣  It’s March.  Yes, it’s still cold.  I know the worst is over.  This week promises to get above freezing and rain. That means a lot of snow will be, well, going down the drain.

♣  I have deadlines. That means someone, two newspapers, in fact, like my writing enough to give me stories to write. I’m getting a steady income.  Yes!Restoration 4

Gratitude Monday #62

It’s Monday again, with all the to-do lists, appointments and commitments that come with Mondays.  I love Monday.  A clean slate, a fresh start, a promise of accomplishments and adventures.  This Monday, I’m speeding off for an interview with Marc, a pharmacist I popped in on a few weeks ago.  I only wanted to snap a quick photo for my feature article about the flu vaccine.  What a treat.  It turns out he is an expert on pulmonary disease.  I get to know more about him and his expertise later this morning.  So first on my list is: ♥  My…

Gratitude Monday #61: Happiness is the Truth

I woke up this morning and began to sing. So many things overwhelm me with gratitude: Sasha’s constant vie for attention. Healthy, Happy, and Wise friends and family; Faith in God and Love; A job that makes me smile every day; A warm winter (so far;) A completed manuscript; People to Love and People who Love; Health Insurance; New Friends and reconnecting with Old; Enough, More than Enough, Enough to Share. Warm Hugs, and Wet Kisses. Ahhh… Clap along cuz Happiness IS the Truth. What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Please join Laurel at Alphabet Salad for a gratitude…

Gratitude Monday #59

A whole week passed before I got back to a blogpost.  Why? It’s the very thing for which I am most thankful this week. An Abundant Life! I’m busy writing for two newspapers, getting ready for my second favorite holiday and doing my best to focus my energy where with family and friends.  I marked my calendar with a tiny Christmas wreath on each day I have a holiday related event.  So far, December has 12 events. I have an exercise partner  who gets me back on the band-wagon and my daughter invited me to a FitBit challenge.  I am…

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