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Gratitude Monday #59

A whole week passed before I got back to a blogpost.  Why? It’s the very thing for which I am most thankful this week. An Abundant Life! I’m busy writing for two newspapers, getting ready for my second favorite holiday and doing my best to focus my energy where with family and friends.  I marked my calendar with a tiny Christmas wreath on each day I have a holiday related event.  So far, December has 12 events. I have an exercise partner  who gets me back on the band-wagon and my daughter invited me to a FitBit challenge.  I am…

Gratitude Monday #56

In the wake of Thanksgiving, I am filled with gratitude.  This year, my daughter CeCi (formerly known as Beanie in this blog) fixed Thanksgiving dinner.  I only added a few traditional dishes; things I said I wanted to bring.  CeCi carried on a newer tradition.  Her daughter Miss K wrote something she was thankful about for each guest.  A little way each guest gifted Miss K, without the guest’s name attached.  The “gifts” got distributed randomly to everyone.  Before the meal, each guest read a “gift.”  Miss K had some wonderful thanks for the guests around the table.  I wonder if she was thankful for my “flexibility,” or “my smile,” or “how smart I am,” or what. I’ll never know.

I know particular order, here’s the other things I’m thankful for this Monday:

Gratitude Monday #55

  Some Mondays I have a hard time getting my gratitude on.  Not this week.  I seem to have shaken the blues right out of me.   Top on my list is a new free-lance opportunity.  Yay!  I just might make my writing goal this year.  But that’s just the beginning.  The publisher said I’m a really good writer.  And that’s not all…. Oh, I’m just bubbling over.   So here’s my list this week: A publisher that responds to my “thank-you” with, “No, really.  You are good. I read everything you write.”  (Perhaps he sensed my disbelief.) I’m pretty…

Gratitude Monday #53: Sunshine and Happiness and a Party

A sunny day, the day after Halloween, the day after a blustery, cold Trick-or-Treat, the day of our annual Halloween Party.  Yay, for sunshine, Yay for 50 degree weather.  That leads my gratitude list this week. And here’s what else is on my list this week, in no particular order: Flute music:  At last I am back to practicing, which makes me feel very, very happy.  Nothing like a flute and the music to “Frozen” to wash away the blues. Three verses to Happy Birthday and three birthday boys to sing it with me and three successful birthday cakes to…

Gratitude Monday #52: Fall

In younger years, I disliked autumn.  Autumn ushered in winter.  Everyday of fall was a step closer to bleakness. Autumn was brown and dead.  Each cool day was a sign of things to come. Somewhere along life’s journey, I fell in love with fall.  I love the colors and the sounds and the smells.  I love the reds and the oranges and the yellows.  I love the rustle of leaves and the long shadows in the afternoon.  I love hot cider with cinnamon sticks.  I love a field of mushrooms growing in the mulch and the mustiness of harvested bean…

Gratitude Monday #50 Road Trip

This morning I woke up smiling. A quiet cup of coffee and a mini banana walnut muffin and things were moving for me in a positive way. I’m not sure why I feel so happy, maybe it was the dream I was having when I awoke at 5:30 AM. Maybe a smiling face at breakfast, a cook, already at work, and handing me a bottle of water. Maybe it was Loved-One pulling me close in the middle of the night. Maybe the higher altitude is lifting my spirits. So in no particular order: A road trip with Loved-One: I never…

Gratitude Monday #49: Nice People and Such

This  past weekend, Loved-One, Duckie, Beanie and her brood traveled “home” for my godson’s wedding.  Twelve hours in the car in two-day.  An uneventful trip for a wonderful celebration.  (No pictures, my battery died.)  Breaking a peaceful silence, Loved-One turned to me:

“You have such

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