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Tag: grief

The Value of A Life

I am thinking about the value of one person’s life as I prepare to say goodbye to a good friend. Educators classified Allison as MMI, Mild Mental Impairment. Allison died suddenly, in her apartment January 2. She had a pulmonary embolism. She was 38 years old. As I get my thoughts together, this morning’s Wall Street Journal‘s article about “carrier screening,” hits a chord. The author describes a simple test so no parent need face giving birth to a child with a genetic defect. What gives value to our life? Is it being free of defect? Is it our success in our careers?…

Gratitude Monday #60

I had a rough ride this week.  A wonderful New Year’s celebration to (almost) end my Holiday. I still have one more celebration on Saturday.  Oh, I do love holding on to the holidays. We got sick.  The whole lot of us.  A bad cold? The flu, CoCo ended up with bronchitis/pneumonia.  She’s still recovering.  Our friend, Jane, suffered a massive stroke, and we lost our dear friend, Allison.  CoCo’s best friend from high school, we consider her part of our family. Still, there’s plenty of gratitude to be had: Sunshine on a sub-zero morning. Dazzling snow on branches. A…

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