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Gratitude Monday #53: Sunshine and Happiness and a Party

A sunny day, the day after Halloween, the day after a blustery, cold Trick-or-Treat, the day of our annual Halloween Party.  Yay, for sunshine, Yay for 50 degree weather.  That leads my gratitude list this week. And here’s what else is on my list this week, in no particular order: Flute music:  At last I am back to practicing, which makes me feel very, very happy.  Nothing like a flute and the music to “Frozen” to wash away the blues. Three verses to Happy Birthday and three birthday boys to sing it with me and three successful birthday cakes to…

Photo Friday Link-up #8: Halloween

Oh please share your Holloween pics this week. Here’s my favorite costume, recycled by many wearers. Duckie talked me into buying Mrs. Potts about 10 years ago.  A dollar investment that I felt waaaaay to foolish.  Still, it put such a smile on her face, I had to say yes.  Well, it’s still making everyone smile.   What’s in your lens this week?  I’d love to take a peek.  

Photo Friday: A Mrs. Potts for Everyone

10 years ago I made a silly, splurgy purchase of a Mrs. Potts costume.  It cost $50.00.  What can I say, I got carried away by Duckie’s Halloween exuberance.  She planned a Halloween Party with two ghoulish assistants:  Love-One and me.  She scoured the catalogs and we ordered our costumes together:  She, Minnie Mouse; me,  Mrs. Potts. We all love Mrs. Potts.  Sorry, no pictures of me as Mrs. Potts.  I’m the one holding the camera. Related articles Halloween: It’s Costume Time Happy Halloween! 25 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

Hip, Hippie, Hipster. Isn’t It Ironic?

Saturday, Loved One and I had our annual Halloween Party with the grand-kids.  Duckie had the idea 10 years ago, and it evolved to a tradition. This year, 13-year-old Elaine came in a black shirt and pants, a pink cape and a black hat.  The kind Justin Timberlake wears in his “Suit and Tie” video That song makes me think he’s ready to have children.  Plus, I like the line that goes something like, “so thick, now I know why they call it a fattie.” —  I could love a man like that, and he can dance, too. Ahhh… I…

Dawn of the Creepy Witches’ Fingers

My friend, Dawn, brought these cookies to work one year.  Some people could hardly stand to look at them.  Creepy witches’ fingers are now part of our Halloween fun.  And every year, I think of Dawn.  The recipe is super-easy to follow and only takes a few ingredients. You need: butter flour almonds vanilla almond flavoring powdered sugar baking powder salt red gel icing. The original recipe calls for blanched whole almonds.  For some reason, these are hard to find.  Slice almonds work well, they look like dirty fingernails.  Whole almonds work just as well also. This recipe really does…

Photo Friday: You want me to eat What?

For the past 10 years, Duckie has a Halloween Party for her nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters. You know what that means. Loved One and I are her ghoulish assistance. Kitty-litter cake: spice cake, vanilla pudding, and tootsie rolls. (Someone always thinks it’s funny to let one of those tootsies dangle out of his mouth.) Serving this in a litter pan with a scoop, really takes the cake. Ogre eyeballs: deviled eggs with a slice of olive and food coloring for the bloodshot eyes. Witches’ fingers: almond butter cookies, with almonds and a tiny bit of blood (frosting) That’s…

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