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Tag: hoarfrost

Gratitude Monday #62

It’s Monday again, with all the to-do lists, appointments and commitments that come with Mondays.  I love Monday.  A clean slate, a fresh start, a promise of accomplishments and adventures.  This Monday, I’m speeding off for an interview with Marc, a pharmacist I popped in on a few weeks ago.  I only wanted to snap a quick photo for my feature article about the flu vaccine.  What a treat.  It turns out he is an expert on pulmonary disease.  I get to know more about him and his expertise later this morning.  So first on my list is: ♥  My…

Photo Friday #16: Hoarfrost

Yesterday I woke to a wintry fairyland: I used my iPhone with my wide angle lens from Restoration Hardware and Tungsten light filter. Mother Nature provided the hoarfrost, which results from fog freezing on vegetation on a clear and still night. What’s in your lens this week.  Please link-up and give me a peak.

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