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Holding on to Christmas

     When I was a young mother, low these many years ago (1973, could it have been that long ago?) my own mother faced a decision:  continue on with our traditional Christmas Eve celebration where siblings exchanged gifts from names we drew from a hat on Thanksgiving; or morph our Christmas celebration to something new. Why make a change?  I’m second of nine children.  As we flew the nest, we tried to blend traditions of our family of origin and our spouses family.  I craved some family memories with my own little family of three.  With only three of nine…

Photo Friday: First Annual

As I drove home from Thanksgiving Day shopping, I spied a sign, poked into the almost frozen ground.  A smallish, red and green sign, like the kind that proclaims a garage sale: First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the Village Hall 6:30 PM, Saturday What tree?  I wondered to myself. Duckie told me she saw village officials testing the lights. Yup.  Now that I look a little closer, I DO see a baby Christmas Tree. I rallied the troupes. “Won’t it be fun to take a picture every year in front of the tree?  We can see how the tree…

Photo Friday: A Mrs. Potts for Everyone

10 years ago I made a silly, splurgy purchase of a Mrs. Potts costume.  It cost $50.00.  What can I say, I got carried away by Duckie’s Halloween exuberance.  She planned a Halloween Party with two ghoulish assistants:  Love-One and me.  She scoured the catalogs and we ordered our costumes together:  She, Minnie Mouse; me,  Mrs. Potts. We all love Mrs. Potts.  Sorry, no pictures of me as Mrs. Potts.  I’m the one holding the camera. Related articles Halloween: It’s Costume Time Happy Halloween! 25 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

Photo Friday: Thanksgiving and Our Version of Black Friday

  Oh what abundance I am blessed with:   And then there’s Black Friday.  Make that Chocolate Friday for us.  It’s candy-making day at my house. You don’t see Loved-One in these pictures.  He is right there with sponge in hand, helping with all the clean-up.  That’s one of the reasons he is the one and only Loved-One. Related articles Thanksgiving is over? ( Why must we buy? Black Friday’s powerful pull ( What Does Your Black Friday Look Like? Send Us Your Photos (

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