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Photo Friday: View from a train

Sometimes I wish I had a little bit better camera. Soon. Maybe soon. I took these photos with my iPhone on the Metra. The first, I tried to focus on the droplets, the second on the scene. Either way, I was enchanted by the view. Indeed. a href=””> Do you like these photos? Or do they make you long for warmer climes. Skip on over to Pierced Wonderings and check out her photos of kumquats. Related articles Ventra adventure on Metra shows app has potential

Photo Friday #16: Hoarfrost

Yesterday I woke to a wintry fairyland: I used my iPhone with my wide angle lens from Restoration Hardware and Tungsten light filter. Mother Nature provided the hoarfrost, which results from fog freezing on vegetation on a clear and still night. What’s in your lens this week.  Please link-up and give me a peak.

Photo Friday Link-up #13

Two newspaper deadlines loomed this week: a weekly and a monthly.  I remembered what it was like tohave hard deadlines and got my locomotion in motion.  Besides editing my novel, knitting hats, and putting together proposals, I managed to get in a “Gratitude Monday.”  No other blogging, although I’m waking up at 3:30 AM with memories to write about for Once a Little Girl. I got a new gadget for photography: Little clip on lenses for my iPhone from Restoration Hardware. Great stocking stuffers at $19.00 Alas, I checked out the website this morning and the lenses are “no longer available.”…

Photo Friday, Link-up #3

All summer I walk to meet Duckie coming home from work.  Fitbit attached, I log 3 miles and 12 flights of stairs on this walk.  And lovely scenery.  But the best part is:  Now I can walk all the way up these steep hills without stopping for a breather. Yay! What’s in your lens this week?  I’d love to take a peek.  Please click to join. Related articles Fitbit Flex Gadget Review Fitbit for my FatBot!

Gratitude Monday: After Glow, BlogHer14

I almost stayed home from BlogHer’s 10th anniversary celebration.  Then, I saw a early bird ticket for sale.  I acted on the spur of the moment.   It was a long shot.  I really couldn’t afford it.  I probably wouldn’t get it. I did. Oh my!  Now what?  It’s in San José.  Maybe I can find a room-mate.  I sent out a request on the Women of Midlife Facebook page.  It was a long shot.  I only met a few of the members last year.  Probably no one would want to take a risk on a stranger.  Kay Lynn responded immediately. …

Photo Friday: Bald Eagle on a Farm

“Gamma, Go see Bawd Eeego?” Of course I said yes.  How can I refuse such abandoned enthusiasm? What a beautiful sight on a cloudy day. Beanie, pulled up sounds of the Bald Eagle on her iPhone.  The eagle family responded with chatter of their own.  I barely made out the heads of the babies’ bobbing heads in the nest.  Too far away to photograph. Related articles Baby bald eagle pokes head out of nest in Webster The Bald Eagles are Nesting

Beyond the 3-R’s: Snow Day Calculator

Core Curriculum is the new anti-Christ!  Or so it seems.  I hear about how it’s dumbing-down our kids and sucking the creativity out of their souls.  After meeting three local teenagers, all I can say is:  If this is how Core Curriculum changes education.  Thank-you! “The proof is in the pudding,” as the old saying goes.  Or in this case, the proof is in the prediction.  Calvin Breseman, Tanishq Dubey, and Gustavo Farias proved to their classmates at Prairie Grove High School that the can accurately predict snow days using their homegrown Android App, Snow Day Calculator. “Don’t do your…

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