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Photo Friday: Foggy Morning Bike Ride

I snapped these photos while I was pedaling.  Love my iPhone!  A little bit of blurriness is from the fog and some is because I of the pedaling.  No retouching.  Oh that was peaceful.  I think I’ll do it again tomorrow.  The bike ride, not the pictures.  

Photo Friday: Baby You’re a Firework

Thanks to a post on, I decided to try my hand at photographing fireworks.  I have my iPhone camera, which captures great pics, but if I want to adjust the ISO, I must use my Sony Cybershot.  I did a little cropping, but no other photo-editing.  Here goes:        This morning, I opened the newspaper to find this photo from the same fireworks display.  I like my photos better.  Thanks, for giving me a nudge and some confidence. Related articles Photographing fireworks displays ( 8 Creative Ideas For Fireworks Photography (  

NaBloPoMo and Photo Friday: Planes, Trains, Automobiles

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Go Ask Siri About Mr. Selfridge

I’ve been watching “Mr. Selfridge on PBS.” Less popular than Downton Abby, “Mr. Selfridge” chronicles the life department store brought from those cheeky Yanks over to Britain and turning shopping on its ear.  It’s part of “The Masterpiece Classics” on Sunday night.


Jeremy Piven’s manic, ever-smiling, frenetic-talker character annoys me until he grew on me.  I had to do a little research.  Yes, there really is a Selfridges department stores; the first in England, founded in 1909, and still the second largest chain of department stores in the UK.  Yes, H. Gordon Selfridge did come from Chicago where he worked his way up the ladder at what is now Marshall Fields.  And yes, he really was exuberant to the point of exasperation.  That’s not the part about “Mr. Selfridge” that most intrigues me.

Photo Friday: Spring Sunset

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful sunsets: With pink dolphins on the Amazon River, Outlining giraffs in the African Savanna, Echoing summer laughter over Lake Michigan, Calming the surf of the Pacific Ocean, Past the black sand beaches of Costa Rica. None more beautiful than this sunset   Lighting spring toil of the Midwestern Farmland. Photos taken with my iPhone after a Little League baseball game. Related articles a word a week photo challenge: orange ( Ohio River Sunset ( Photo of the day: Sunset in Central Valley, Costa Rica ( Photographer Uses His iPhone to Capture One Photo Per…

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