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Photo Friday: Visitors at Dusk

Busy, busy…so much to do. Did I get everything? Do I have enough? Did I accomplish what I needed? A shadow catches my eye. Am I done here? Is there time? A shy stranger makes eye contact. A flagged goodbye. Or is it Hello?

Photo Friday: Scavenger Engagement

I love Christmas.  This year’s pre-celebration, our New Year’s Eve pajama party was especially exciting. It started with a mad scavenger hunt.   It ended under the Christmas Tree. The promise of a new daughter and her two little sons are my special Christmas gift. I feel so lucky to witness this new beginning.

NaBloPoMo and Photo Friday: Fishing for a Ride

Rocky died. Just a week after Loved-One got him from the G-Kids. They brought over four new koi, a Father’s Day present. After consideration of their personalities and physical appearance they got their names: Rocky, Dr. Streekor, Blu, and Zorro. Loved-One wrapped the deceased Rocky in a sandwich bag and put him inside the freezer. The G-Kids cried when they heard the news. I got out an old jewelry box with a cotton lining, put a ribbon around it, and put the coffin back in the freezer. Tuesday at 8 AM, Beany called to say the koi farmer will replace…

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