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Gratitude Monday: February is here

January is behind me.  My least favorite month.  Cold, long, annual and quarterly bills due, the holidays are behind me, plus a time when I take stock in what I’ve accomplished and where I’m going.  Where am I going?  Hmm… I know where I want to go.  I better get hopping. No with feet planted in February, the days are noticeably longer.  I know there’s more cold weather coming, but soon, the crocuses will start poking their hopeful heads through the frost.  Ahhh… I feel better already. Here’s what gratitude flows through my fingers and onto the page on this particular…

Gratitude Monday: January Freeze

First, a 3-inch snowfall right in time for my flute solo at the annual Epiphany concert. Next we hit the sub-zero weather. And that’s Farenheit, for my Celcius friends out ther.  Brrrrrrrrumba.  So where’s the gratitude?  Everywhere. It’s nearly the middle of January, and it’s the very first sub-zero day.  That’s something worth celebrating. The snow on the trees froze to beautiful crystals that dazzle in the cold sunlight. The days are getting longer. The solo went well.  Not flawless, but close enough to make me happy.  Lots of positive feedback,which I’m holding onto tightly. A flute trio with a…

Photo Friday #17: New Snow

There is something special about snowy crystals blanketing the bleakness of winter. Even in the gloom that is my January, they glisten and give hope. What’s in your lens this week?  I’d love to take a peak.

Looking Back and Seeing Ahead: A New Year of Goals

Ah January… cold and dark and long.  The holidays are behind us, the annual, quarterly, and monthly bills all come in the mail.  January is too cold, too long, and too dark. January got its name from the two-faced god Janus. One face looking back on the past, one face looking forward to the future, Janus is associated with doorways, beginnings, or transitions.  Now that sounds better than cold, dark, and full of debts. January is a time to contemplate, to assess, and to plan.  So here goes. Looking Back at My Goals for 2013:  Keep my counter-tops clean:  The…

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