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Without Buddha….

“I’m reading Paul Knitter’s Without Buddha I Could Not Be Christian,” I said to Wrestler #1.  “I might be Buddhist.” “Oh, you are,” he said.  He’s an atheist Buddhist.   A few weeks ago, I attended a vigil for peace at the Blue Lotus Temple in a neighboring town. I left filled with peace and hope.  Read more about the event here. Blue Lotus Temple was once a Puritan church with very Catholic stained glass windows.  Buddha teaches a way of being that encourages love of self, or others, and even of enemies.  On Wrestler #1’s birthday, we. talked a…

OFOTW and NaPoWriMo Mashup

Today’s prompt: write a poem in the form of a review. You can review either animate or inanimate things, real places or imaginary places. You can write in the style of an online review (think Yelp) or something more formal that you might find in a newspaper or magazine. (I imagine that bad reviews of past boyfriends/girlfriends might be an easy way to get into this prompt, though really, you can “review” anything in your poem, from summer reading lists for third graders to the idea of the fourth dimension). “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” Miss G blooms,…

NaWriPoMo #11: Dessert (and a photo)

Day #11 NaWriPoMo challenge you to write about wine-and-love. Dessert Ahhh…the perfect pair. Not any red will do. The salad, the soup, the main dish. Some say it’s more than fair, That I found you. A prayer, a hope, a wish? Whatever.  We’re the perfect pair. Related articles Common Wine Pairing Mistake, Plus Wine Pairing Tips! NaWriPoMo #10: Read More NaPoWriMo14 Day 11 A Week for Cowboy Poets (NaPoWriMo Day 10)  

Hilary Grossman’s DANGLED CARAT and a Book Giveaway

SHG at the beachWhen did I first met Hilary Grossman?  It seems we’ve known each other for years.  We’re virtual friends; part of and and we exchange Tweets.  This month I learned more about her by reading her “Chick Lit that happens to be true” book, Dangled Carat.  Over the weekend, I got a chance to meet Hilary face-to-face.  Well, sort of:  we FaceTimed on Saturday morning, she in her beach-house in Long Island, me in my frosty office north of Chicago.

Dangled Carat  is an Indie book about the love of Hilary’s life, Marc:  How they met, fell in love, and well, how the Carat dangled for both of them.

Hilary always wanted to write, but it was a small BlogHer conference about turning a blog to a book that energized her and set her plan in motion.    She hired the author of Orphan Train, Christina Baker Kline, to edit her book.  Hilary also hired an artist to take her vision of the book cover from concept to reality.  These are both tips Guy Kawasaki gives

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