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Throw Back Thursday: First Day of School

Even if the long shadows of August didn’t remind me of the first day of school, the posts on Facebook do not let me forget.  Really? It’s time for school to start again? It seems like summer barely got rolling.  As my grandma said, I’m glad I have a good memory, because back when she told me this, I had one foot into my 20s.  Now I know what she means. I hope you will jump on board and take a bus ride down memory lane with me and re-experience my first day of school. Please skip on over to Once A…

Memories on a Rainy Day

It’s Throw Back Thursday, so today, I’m asking you to hop on over to Once A Little Girl again and take a sad trip down memory lane. Do you ever have sad memories well up for way back when you were little?  Sometimes things that seemed long-buried come crashing to shore.  I’m so glad I have five sister, and two sisters by marriage to share my memories.  Please join me by clicking here.

Throw Back Thursday: My Dad, the Storyteller

Today, I invite you to hop on over to my other blog, “Once A Little Girl.”  That’s where I like to tell what it was like growing up in the 50s and 60s.  It was no “Mad Men,” I’ll tell you that!  June is the month of Father’s Day, so this month, I’m telling and retelling stories about Dad. Related articles Analysis: A satisfying ‘Mad Men’ finale

TBT: May Coronation

It’s Thursday, so that means a trip down memory lane.  Please join me on my other blog as I reminisce about small town, friends, and nuns. Click here to  get there: Queen of the May  I hope this memory makes you smile as much as it did me. Related articles Queen o’ the May Kalamazoo’s St. Monica Catholic School honors Mary on May Day

Gratitude Monday: Memories and More

As usual, I’m linking up with Laurel and Alphabet Salad for a little gratitude sharing. Today my list is whimsical and serious. My heart and mind remember a person whose quiet influence threads through my childhood and remains strong through my adulthood. I will not miss Aunt Arlene. She will be a part of me always. Appreciative people: This week I got a dozen roses from Dr. Sweet, a dentist/sculptor I interviewed for a newspaper feature story. He loved the story I did. He is such an interesting person. Soon, I will write something here about him. Aunt Arlene: On…

Veterans Day: Recollection from a WWI Veteran

I am lucky. My grandfather, with much urging, memorialized some of his memories in a Kinko’s bound book.  This week, I plan to share some of his thoughts leading up to and during World War I. The only title Grandpa gave his memoir is, “Researched, compiled and written by Frank N. Zyber”  (No date, but as I remember, Grandpa was somewhere around 95 when he put fingers to keyboard and memorialized these memories.)  I record his memories here, exactly as he did.  Where I think clarification or context helpful, I added a few words in [brackets.] Starting on Page 56:…

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