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Pause, breathe, and take stock:  2017-38

  Since rejoining the commuting workforce, I get a chance to observe a lot of people.  Sometimes I jot down bits of conversations I overhear.  Like this one: “I smells like someone threw a dead rat in here.” Third person chiming in, “I think it’s the Kimchee.” Little snippets like these make me laugh and also remind me how lucky I am to work in such a multi-cultural setting, filled with friendly people. Here’s a few more of the things that make me smile and recognize how lucky I am:  Hailey from Empowerment Plan who granted an interview.  She employs…

Without Buddha….

“I’m reading Paul Knitter’s Without Buddha I Could Not Be Christian,” I said to Wrestler #1.  “I might be Buddhist.” “Oh, you are,” he said.  He’s an atheist Buddhist.   A few weeks ago, I attended a vigil for peace at the Blue Lotus Temple in a neighboring town. I left filled with peace and hope.  Read more about the event here. Blue Lotus Temple was once a Puritan church with very Catholic stained glass windows.  Buddha teaches a way of being that encourages love of self, or others, and even of enemies.  On Wrestler #1’s birthday, we. talked a…

Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock:  2017-27

I can hardly believe I’ve been a photo-journalist for over 2 years, now, and I’ve been consulting at Adello for 20 weeks.  My oh my, my life has changed since I became retired.  My life is busier than ever.  And I’m still packing in plenty of fun.  Let’s see… here, in no particular order are just a few highlights from my week. We got two new Koi for the water garden.  Yes, the heron finally got the two we had for ten years. The babies each nearly lept out of the tank at the store, earning them the names: Leapininski…

Photo Friday: Cold Front

Yup, it arrived.  These are two versions of the same shot.  The first one looks rather ominous, while the second one is almost beautiful. Both seem surreal. If I hadn’t seem it myself, I might not believe it real. What do you think? Check out some terrific photos at Pierced Wonderings.

Photo Friday: A Weed by any other name…

Waning October is a warm respite whispering hello to cold frost and snow.  Still,  These flowers optimistically bloom between cracks at the side of the road.  Yes, most consider them a weed; scraggly, almost leafless stems, hold out lovely blue blooms. I love these hopeful little hanger-onners. I call them cornflowers. What’s in your lens this week?  I’d love to take a peek.

Photo Friday: Putting a Lock on Summer

Summer’s nostalgic heat diminished night’s cool rain. Long shadows promise cold days to come.  A lake rests, sequestered behind a fence. Fall’s gentle  promenade proclaimed. Summer curtsies, Autumn advances. What’s in your lens this week?  Please grab the button below and link-up with me. And another beautiful link-up:

Photo Friday: Febrrrrruary, Pefect for Puzzling

February is a perfect month for puzzling.  Sub-zero weather, lots of snow and wind, and still dark nights keep me in by the fire with hot chocolate in hand. (That temperature from Weatherbug is the real temperature, not the windchill.  Brrrr-umpba!) Loved-One and I put together this winter-scene puzzle.  He’s a puzzle maniac.  I got addicted, too.  So much so that when I went out, I saw the puzzle pieces or a puzzle scene in every scene I passed.   Like this home nearby.  A puzzlers dream.  Almost like the scene we put together.  There’s even a red house and…

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