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Gratitide and NaPoWriMo 

I love starting the week with gratitude.  Plus it’s NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month.)  Yay!  A challenge wrapped in blessings.  Umm…hmm. The challenge: write a poem that begins with a line from a another poem (not necessarily the first one), but then goes elsewhere with it. The poem I  picked is The Chambered Nautilus.  It’s the poem that my novel keeps circling back to, so it’s dear to me.  Still, I never had the patience to memorize it.. This is the ship of pearl, which, poets feign,  Two lips and cheek recline at table, A child’s repose.  As lovers’ ardor…

Gratitude Monday, hugs and closed mouthes

It’s Monday: Time to count my blessings, tiny and not. Hugs from Mr. R1. There’s something special about unrequested, spontaneous hugs. Especially from a 10 year-old boy.  Requests for home work help from Miss S. It feels so good to be needed.  A surprise “Christmas present” from CoCo. There’s a long story behind this.  One where I was less than a good listener.  One that made me laugh until tears flowed freely. One that makes CoCo laugh, too.  A safe trip to and from a cheerleading competition. Oh, the winds on the freeway this weekend.  Seven semi trucks blown off the…

Gratitude Monday: Twerk, plank, sneeze.

Yes, a bug caught me.  I believe it got me at a party.  A party for my bonus grandchild.  She turned 21 in August. A lot of people came together to celebrate; alas, Birthday Girl went to Florida. We celebrated anyways.  CeCe set up a bouncy house for the kids.  Which is where I believe Thing 2 and I both got caught by a bug.  Thing 2 got sick just one day before I did. Why was I in a bouncy house anyways? A bunch of CeCe’s friends decided to plank in there.  I was in rare form. CeCe prodded me to…

Gratitude Monday: Conquering the Grumbles

What goes down, must come back up. This is the steepest.

Whew!  I’m so happy last week is in the review mirror.  Deadlines converging and fluid schedule is wonderful in so many ways.  And overwhelming in others.

CoCo got up in a grumpy mood.  She complained all the way to work. Maybe a little gratitude?

“You know, I heard on The Talk last week, that starting the day with gratitude makes you happier and healthier. Let’s each name three things.”


Gratitude Monday: Littles

I love the little things; like Mondays and Gratitude reminders. Friday morning I picked up five of the grandchildren (Beanie’s kids.)  We had a mini-vacation, and a mini-work day.  These five are soooooo good, and yet I found myself so tired after the three days we spent together. Here’s what I thought about yesterday when the house got quiet again.  (No particular order.)   LongAn empty nest.  Well, yes, that was the first thing I thought about.  Ahhh… the quiet and the slowness of it all.  There’s a reason for the “pause” in menopause.  Listening to silence.  Yum. Jenny.  The…

A Football by Any Other Name

This Monday, I am happier than ever to greet the new week.

  • I have everything but the tree and the outside lights put away.  By design.  I intend to hold on to Christmas one more week.
  • The goodies are gone.  Today I am back to my fit-me.  Exercise and plenty of fresh food.  Oh I have some apples and oranges that want me; and I want them.  I can’t wait to trade my traditional Polish glomkies and perogies a good spinach salad.
  • I have my goals ready for the New Year.  Monday is my day to start breaking down my game-plan and putting it all in motion. (I already have a new hat and a scarf knitted from my yarn stash and three books started – one poetry, one fiction, and one non-fiction.)
  • I am full to the brim with football.

Not a big football fan, I try, I try, and I try to become one.  I stopped hating it when I got my own fantasy football team.  Loved-One is a sports fanatic.  I engage—come on already, everyone knows you pick the ball up and run until the ref whistles the ball dead.

My mind wanders, distracted by the uniforms and the fans, and the field.  Everything about the game makes me think of something else.  How can those men have such long hair sticking out from under their helmets?  Doesn’t their hair get pulled?  That would stop me faster than any illegal hold.

Sunday, I am thinking about the ball.

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