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Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock: 2017-18

This past week, my kids treated me to a wonderful Mother’s Day, I attended a branding and marketing class, and my brother got admitted to the hospital for bypass.  Yes, it was one of those muddled weeks. My brother Loren just turned the big “6-0” in April.  Last week he felt pain in his chest, called the doctor and told him  to get right to the hospital.  Responsible man that he is, he finished his meeting. (He had important information to share, in case he didn’t come back.) next he drove himself to the hospitals.  After a successful surgery, he’s…

Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock 2017-17

Mother’Day is just around the corner, but for me it’s in the rear view mirror.  wrestler #1, CeCe’s hubby, and their kids came over, and along with Loved-One prepared and wonderful brunch for the mother’s in the group.  Loved-One set the good China out for the three mothers, and everyone else ate on paper plates.  Omelets, sausage, waffles with Nutella and blueberries, mimosa, coffee, and key lime pie.  Queen for a Day, that’s how I felt. Here’s a few more things, in no particular order, that bubbles up joy for me:  Tons of hugs and kisses from grandchildren. Surprise tweets…

Gratitude Monday: Post Mothers’ Day

This weekend, I traveled.  Mom got out of the hospital, and is on her way back to normal.  Although I left her thinking she looked a little peaked, this morning she sounded great, and my sister, Julie, texted me to say she’s doing much better.  Sorry, but I don’t trust Mom to tell the truth about her health.  She is always, “Great,” or possibly “just wearing out a bit.”  So you can imagine that first on my Gratitude this week is Mom.

♥  Yes, Mom is 87.  And yes, I’m beginning to think perhaps someday…. but not today.  

Gratitude Monday: Happy Mother’s Day

First of all, Thank you Mom, for providing such a beautiful template to follow.  As we all say, “If my kids someday feel about me the way I feel about you, I will have succeeded.”  Patient, kind, loving, hard-assed, and occasional screaming banshee fit thrower.  You expected the best from me and gave me your all.  Thank you!


In no particular order, here’s what came to mind Sunday afternoon:

  1. Good knees:  So many people I know suffer from weak-knees (literally and figuratively.)  I’m thankful my literal knees are holding up so I can Zomba, hula-hoop, move rocks, lift weights, and climb hills.  I thankful for strong figurative knees, too.  I can thank Mom for teaching me not to be weak-kneed.
  2. Noosa yogurt :  Ooooo it’s the best.  Noosa is so smooth and rich, it’s like eating the full fatted yogurt.  Yes, it’s 280 calories for 8 ounces with 14 grams of protein.  Add some wheat crackers and I’ve got a good lunch.
  3. Thick hair:  A little thinning, but still thick.  Yes, I must use a shine enhancer and pomade to keep those wiry silver ones in place, but a least they are there.
  4. Thoughtful children:  I am exhausted from the pampering of four grown children and their families.
  5. Koi:  They survived the winter and a couple of hungry hawks that are still circling my water garden.
  6. Houseplants:  I have a continuous supply of green all year long.  This week they are going outside for their annual adventure in the wilds of nature.
  7. Duckyisms:  Ah she makes me laugh.  Today it was, “I’m as sharp as a doorknob.”  Me too, Duckie, me too.
  8. Chocolate:  Especially with caramel, especially with nuts, especially dark, or milk, or semi-sweet.  Especially.
  9. Church:  A place to worship, meditate, meet friends, and play my flute.  What a great way to start each week.
  10. Laurel:  You remind me to start each week focusing on abundance.  Life is good.Check out who else is on the Gratitude Monday Link-up.  Monday, Monday, You can trust that day.

Photo Friday: Mother’s Day

Motherhood:  A long-term investment with amazing dividend. Thank you Mothers, Grandmothers, Step-mothers and God-mothers. Related articles Mother’s Day Owning our Health: A Letter to Mothers Motherhood: Precious and Powerful

10 Things I Learned

It’s almost Mother’s Day.  I learned a lot from my mother.  I learned a lot from being a mother, and from other mothers.  I’m still learning.  These are just a few. 10 Things I Learned from my Mother: Family is forever. You can fly high, fall down, and get back in the game when you have a safety net of love. It’s important to be nice. Look at things from the other person’s perspective. One, catholic, and apostolic faith is a grounding force. Bitch is not a bad word; sometimes you gotta be tough. Flexibility knits souls together. Sacrifice, hard…

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