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Charima Daoudi

Grounded by her past, Charima Daoudi is poised to step into her future.  It’s refreshing to meet a young woman, barely out of her teens, who has such a firm grasp of where she’s going and how she’s going to get there. Statuesque beauty and soulful dark eyes attract me to the quiet intensity of Charima.  She is apparently unaware of her charm as her words bring to life her vision of how she intends to use her life.  She has a definite sense of destiny, which seems unusual for someone of her generation.  Even Charima’s college choice demonstrates an…

Got Some Kicks on Route 66

I saw the exit for Pontiac on my way back from visiting my family in Peoria.  I see the exit every time I make the journey, but I have a mission, a time-line, a schedule.  I always think of my home state, Michigan and the city of Pontiac, not too very far from where I grew up.  This time was no different, except for two things:  I had about an hour to spare before my grandson’s flute recital, and I saw the sign for the Historic Route 66 Museum.  I had no idea that short detour would give me such a kick.

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