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Tag: National Poetry Writing Month

Gratitude Monday and NaPoWriMo Mashup

In case you’re popping in for the first time, April is National Poetry Writing Month.  For the past few years, I set aside my usual writing and focus on poetry.  Be forewarned, I’m a horrible poet.  Still, I enjoy the challenge of distilling my thoughts to succinct images and form.  This year, I decided to keep my usually format intact, and do a mashup of subject and poetry. So I dedicate my Monday post to Gratitude.  What a great way to start the workweek. And… Today’s prompt from makes me happy.  Today’s prompt  springs from the form known as the aubade. These are morning…

OFOTW and NaPoWriMo 2015

It’s April and that means it’s National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWrMo.) And it’s Wednesday, the day I began posting an outfit of the week.  So, today I marry the two: An outfit and a poem. Both are a stretch to me. Today’s prompt is a poem of negation – yes (or maybe, no), I challenge you to write a poem that involves describing something in terms of what it is not, or not like.  (from “What I’m not”   Brown-eyed and lithesome and unaware; Naked and Long-tressed with Siliconed breasted. Stilettoed and Slinky and Leggy-limbed; Bound and Pinched and Hemmed…

NaPoWriMO #30 Farewell to Verse

Today’s NaPoWriMo Day 30 challenge is to write a poem of farewell.       We came together for 30 days. Shorter than a dessert stay. Longer than the agony waged. Fifteen flow from heart to page. Fifteen measly verses, Fifteen days of curses. Fun or fancy or just plain silly? Mind and heart beat willy-nilly. Good-bye poets till next April. Respect over love, yet still a thrill.     Related articles NaPoWriMo Day 29: Broken Record NaPoWriMo: Day 29

NaWriPoMo #15: And the Beat Goes ON

Today’s NaWriPoMo challenge:   “write a poem in terza rima. This form was invented by Dante, and used in The Divine Comedy. It consists of three-line stanzas, with a “chained” rhyme scheme. The first stanza is ABA, the second is BCB, the third is CDC, and so on. No particular meter is necessary, but English poets have tended to default to iambic pentameter (iambic pentameter is like the Microsoft Windows of English poetry). One common way of ending a terza rima poem is with a single line standing on its own, rhyming with the middle line of the preceding three-line…

NaWriPoMo #14: Micro-environmental Disaster

Today’s NaWriPoMo prompt (optional, as always) is a little something I’m calling “Twenty Questions.” The idea is to write a poem in which every sentence, except for the last one, is in the form of a question. That’s it! Micro-environmental disaster Is it the sugar?  Is it the fat? Is lack of exercise to blame? Could it be simpler than that? Diabetes? obesity? Asthma? Isn’t it a shame? So many woes; What is the solution? Chemical? Environment? Food? Are we doomed? Could it be a re-evolution? Your ‘crobes, my ‘crobes; Could be our micro-biodome. Related articles Poetry Prompt #14 –…

NaWriPoMo #11: Dessert (and a photo)

Day #11 NaWriPoMo challenge you to write about wine-and-love. Dessert Ahhh…the perfect pair. Not any red will do. The salad, the soup, the main dish. Some say it’s more than fair, That I found you. A prayer, a hope, a wish? Whatever.  We’re the perfect pair. Related articles Common Wine Pairing Mistake, Plus Wine Pairing Tips! NaWriPoMo #10: Read More NaPoWriMo14 Day 11 A Week for Cowboy Poets (NaPoWriMo Day 10)  

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