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Osteomyelitis, Part 4: Are we in a Roundabout?

It’s been six months since Duckie’s last surgery; now three years since she began her “My Legs Hurt,” chronic complaint.  If you are catching up, here’s Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Duckie with one of her favorite Chicago Sky Players
Duckie with one of her favorite Chicago Sky Players

Duckie’s went back to see Dr. Bone.  Why?  Because Dr. Bone and Dr. Traumbone merged practices.  Dr. Bone greats us like long, lost friends.  He looks at Duckie’s leg, he has her walk, he takes X-rays.  Everything is as good as…  Well, everything is good. 

Photo Friday: Sign Smilers

I see this sign each time I travel to Duckie’s doctor or to the hospital to visit her.  Each time it makes me smile.  This Friday is dedicated to smiling:   I do wonder why a hospital needs to advertise.  But this Friday is for smiling, so I’ll save the pondering for another day; maybe Monday. Related articles Osteomyelitis Part 3:  Down The Rabbit Hole and Back   ( Osteomyelitis Part 2:  Solving a Health Care Puzzle  ( Osteomyelitis Part 1:   Putting a Healthcare Puzzle Together   (  

Photo Friday: Anderson Japanese Garden

This week, after visiting Duckie’s doctor, we visited Anderson Japanese Garden. Soooo much fun. And sooo nice to get a break from the 90 degree heat. One set of grandchildren (5) and my other daughter, Beanie, joined Loved-One and me. We fed the koi, and the baby duckies. We walked the shady paths and “meditated” in the zen gardens. The kids’ favorite: the Fairy Butts. Mine: listening to children banter with each other, and Love-One making like Pinnochio. The pictures are quite dappled and shadowy. Shade can do that.

Down the Rabbit Hole and Back: Osteomyelitis Part 3

There might be enough for anyone to digest here.  If you are interested in reading Part 1 and Part 2 of this series please follow these links:  WWII:Osteomyelitis as Veterans:Duckie (Putting a Healthcare Puzzle Together) and Part 2:  Osteomyelitis, Solving a Healthcare Problem. Now Duckie is at the recovery side of surgery number 2, and readying herself for surgery number 3.  Not Dr. Bone, not Mayo Clinic.  A new doctor, I’ll call Dr. TraumBone.  Four weeks after Dr. Bone said Duckie needed an expert in trauma, we met Dr. TraumBone.  Why did it take so long? As I explained in Part…

Part 2: Osteomyelitis, Solving a Health Care Puzzle

Recovery from Osteomyelitis is no picnic. I find out there is no such thing as a cure. Duckie will always be considered infected, to some unknown degree. First, I find that out, then I find out other things. We’re in and out of stories, and around the bush and back. I’m happy I have a sense of humor and some training in problem solving: Asking 5 Whys, Root Cause Analysis, Pareto Charting, Process Mapping.

For those of you just tuning in to Duckie’s story please click this link for Part One, “WII:osteomyelitis as Veterans:Duckie (Putting a Healthcare Puzzle Together)”

Sky Game
Duckie and Mr. Incredible at a Chicago Sky Game. Duckie is an avid fan.


A quick aside: Duckie married a mildly mentally impaired man, Mr. Incredible. They live with us until the two of them get annoyed with Loved One and me. They stay with Mr. Incredible’s parents until the same happens over there. Duckie stays with me while she recuperates. Mr. Incredible visits. He needs predictability. Nothing is predictable here.

April: National Poetry Month

Did you miss me?  Duckie’s suffering from chronic osteomyelitis.  Well, let me back up.  It’s been stewing for 20 years or so; she’s suffered for at least 18 months, then a sudden bloom alerted doctors to the situation.  Now she’s on the mend.  We’ve had a hectic few weeks.  More on that on another day. April is National Poetry Month and WordPress threw down the gauntlet challenging us to write a poem every day of April.  This morning, I decided to take the challenge. (I hope it’s not a WordPress April Fools joke.) And I WILL finish my novel in…

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