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Meet Jena C. Henry

Have you ever read books like Who Moved My Cheese by  Spencer Johnson or Zapp the Lightning of Empowerment by William Byham and Jeff Cox? Well, Jena does for retirement what these authors do for corporate leaders.  She leads the reader down a fun story that’s meant to enlighten and empower us through our Golden Age. Even though Jena lives just a boat ride away, I got a chance to interview her via FaceTime.  Okay, it’s not just a boat ride.  I’d need to navigate Lake Michigan, go under the Mackinaw Bridge, south on Lake Huron and finally arrive at Lake Eerie.  I guess it’s kinda…

Doreen McGettigan: The Stranger in My Recliner

You might remember Doreen from my post about her first book, Bristol Boyz Stomp. She’s a great friend and a caretaker by nature. A question from her second book The Stranger in My Recliner, “What would you do?” prompts me almost daily to think about the Good Samaritan.  To Doreen, it’s not just a story, it’s a way of life. Doreen was in the middle of writing Bristol Boyz Stomp when her husband brought Sophie home one rainy night.  Dirty, hungry, and cold from living behind the local McDonald’s, the homeless woman frightened Doreen.  Should she lock up what little valuables she…

Outfit of the Week, BAM friend, and NaPoWriMo

Today is CeCi’s birthday and I’m spending the whole day with her. The BAM-16 Conference seems like just last week.  I reconnected with my friend, Doreen, who I met in person for the very first time at BAM-15. I met Doreen McGelligan virtually when I read and reviewed her book, BRISTOL STOMP last year. Here we are last year: And here we are this year. I picked this photo because I love Doreen. And because I got so many compliments about the way I tied my scarf. Yes! Even from the fashion bloggers! I did have my pink Hotter open-toed…

Meet Clayton Smith, Chicago Author

I met Clayton Smith at the “Chicago Writes Conference” last September.  He read from his then soon-to-be-released novel, Anomaly Flats. He hooked me with the scene where the main character, Mallory, gets introduced to the Oracle, which turns out to be the bowling alley.  I could hear, see, and smell that bowling alley.  The idea that a place has prescience stayed in my head until I could get the book.  Plus, Clayton stuck around and chatted with me for a while. Okay, maybe I hooked him into a conversation a little bit, too.  After all, I’m the woman who sat…

Gratitude Monday: Life is Good

Here I am again, Monday. So many little things fill me with gratitude. Still, sometimes I feel like I must dig deep to remember.  Especially when I feel overwhelmed with deadlines. Soooo… In no particular order:

♣  It’s March.  Yes, it’s still cold.  I know the worst is over.  This week promises to get above freezing and rain. That means a lot of snow will be, well, going down the drain.

♣  I have deadlines. That means someone, two newspapers, in fact, like my writing enough to give me stories to write. I’m getting a steady income.  Yes!Restoration 4
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