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Photo Friday: Bundled Business Venture

Only questions: Which business led to the other? Did patients need help lifting and hauling during recovery? Did the light hauling get the doctor through college? Is ObamaCare responsible for a surgeon moonlighting? How is the shoe repair business connected?  Orthopaedic shoes perhaps? What’s on those  tires? Does one business drive the other? Which is more profitable? Following his Bliss and can’t decide which is more blissful?   Related articles Startups are no longer business as usual: Steve Blank, Stanford’s startup guru (

Photo Friday: Foggy Morning Bike Ride

I snapped these photos while I was pedaling.  Love my iPhone!  A little bit of blurriness is from the fog and some is because I of the pedaling.  No retouching.  Oh that was peaceful.  I think I’ll do it again tomorrow.  The bike ride, not the pictures.  

Photo Friday: Northern Flickers

Our hickory fell.  Well, not the whole thing, the top third of the  tree just bent over and touched the ground.  Squirrels re-routed.  Ferns withered; garden flocks brightened. In a hollow, just below the break, Two Northern Flickers nested.  They like privacy. A hickory’s canopy is perfect cover.  Flickers are shy.  We hear them, but normally see them once or twice a summer. If we’re lucky. Exposed by the felled hickory, the pair hopped out on a branch and signaled their dismay.The couple survived the natural disaster and made the best of things for the sake of their young family.…

Photo Friday: Horror Film Scene

I do love insects. This grasshopper landed on my patio door. displaying his magnificent underside. My photos display more of a sci-fi look and feel.  Now I know where Alien found inspiration. No grasshoppers were harmed in the photographing for this post.       Related articles Sony Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10: The lens is the camera ( First look at the Sony Cyber-shot QX10 and the iPhone 5 (

Photo Friday: A Candid Self-Portrait

I love bicycling.  Especially since I got my new L.L.Bean bicycle. I even like the way I look in this picture. I am pretty sure I took it by accident. A candid self-portrait.  Hmm… Some of my favorite work is a surprise. (Photo taken with my iPhone5, no editing.)

Photo Friday: Sign Smilers

I see this sign each time I travel to Duckie’s doctor or to the hospital to visit her.  Each time it makes me smile.  This Friday is dedicated to smiling:   I do wonder why a hospital needs to advertise.  But this Friday is for smiling, so I’ll save the pondering for another day; maybe Monday. Related articles Osteomyelitis Part 3:  Down The Rabbit Hole and Back   ( Osteomyelitis Part 2:  Solving a Health Care Puzzle  ( Osteomyelitis Part 1:   Putting a Healthcare Puzzle Together   (  

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