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Photo Friday: Foggy Morning Bike Ride

I snapped these photos while I was pedaling.  Love my iPhone!  A little bit of blurriness is from the fog and some is because I of the pedaling.  No retouching.  Oh that was peaceful.  I think I’ll do it again tomorrow.  The bike ride, not the pictures.  

Photo Friday: Northern Flickers

Our hickory fell.  Well, not the whole thing, the top third of the  tree just bent over and touched the ground.  Squirrels re-routed.  Ferns withered; garden flocks brightened. In a hollow, just below the break, Two Northern Flickers nested.  They like privacy. A hickory’s canopy is perfect cover.  Flickers are shy.  We hear them, but normally see them once or twice a summer. If we’re lucky. Exposed by the felled hickory, the pair hopped out on a branch and signaled their dismay.The couple survived the natural disaster and made the best of things for the sake of their young family.…

Photo Friday: Horror Film Scene

I do love insects. This grasshopper landed on my patio door. displaying his magnificent underside. My photos display more of a sci-fi look and feel.  Now I know where Alien found inspiration. No grasshoppers were harmed in the photographing for this post.       Related articles Sony Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10: The lens is the camera ( First look at the Sony Cyber-shot QX10 and the iPhone 5 (

Photo Friday: A Candid Self-Portrait

I love bicycling.  Especially since I got my new L.L.Bean bicycle. I even like the way I look in this picture. I am pretty sure I took it by accident. A candid self-portrait.  Hmm… Some of my favorite work is a surprise. (Photo taken with my iPhone5, no editing.)

Photo Friday: Sign Smilers

I see this sign each time I travel to Duckie’s doctor or to the hospital to visit her.  Each time it makes me smile.  This Friday is dedicated to smiling:   I do wonder why a hospital needs to advertise.  But this Friday is for smiling, so I’ll save the pondering for another day; maybe Monday. Related articles Osteomyelitis Part 3:  Down The Rabbit Hole and Back   ( Osteomyelitis Part 2:  Solving a Health Care Puzzle  ( Osteomyelitis Part 1:   Putting a Healthcare Puzzle Together   (  

Photo Friday: 2 Insects and a Snake

I do love the critters. We found Ms. Snake snug under a tarp on a cool summer day this week.   Red Beetle skittered by under my foot, as if to say: “I’m little, but just as interesting.” Loved-One brought Mr. Preying Mantis in from the garden. He knows how much I love looking at insects. I just hope Mr. Mantis has a taste for mosquitoes. If he does, I hope he has a very large family.   Do you like critters?  What are your favorites to photograph?  I think I like the insects the best. Related articles What is…

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