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Photo Friday: Chicago

Last weekend, I attended Chicago Writes Conference.  My good and gracious friend, Geri loaned me her apartment.  Here’s a couple of photos I took walking to and from the CWC. A private park where employees can take a break.  I took the photo on Saturday morning.  I wonder how many people take their eyes off their keyboard long enough to enjoy this beautiful perk. This is the view as I crossed the street, near Millennium Park.   I love Chicago.  I added a Twitter Sticker, just to show you how my heart danced. Fun! Don’t forget to stop my Pierced…

Photo Friday: Chicken Yard

This week I visited Mom.  In turn, we visited her sister, Anne, Anne’s home has chickens in the yard.    I bet you never thought of chickens that way.     What’s in your lens this week? I’d love to take a peek. If you’re interested in great photos, please hop over to Pierced Wondering, by clicking her button, below. So many great photographers link up there.  

Photo Friday: A weed by any other name…

My cover designer, Chad Green, asked me to take some photos of Queen Anne’s Lace.  The setting is mid-Michigan, so .  Chad wanted a better view of the underside for his design. I got to appreciate some of the nuances and beauty of the Queen.       There’s something so hopeful about a weed called Queen Anne’s Lace.  Don’t you think? For more photos, hop on over to Pierced Wonderings and take a look.  You will love what you see.  I promise.  

Photo Friday: Manual time-lapse

I love flowers. Especially in my backyard where I can watch them unfurl and unfold changing the landscape right before my eyes.  For the past few weeks, I watched the coneflowers progress. Here’s what I saw.       Wow!  What a change.  I’m not sure which stage I like best.  Perhaps it’s like raising children.  Each stage seems the most beautiful, until the next stage reveals new glories. Whadaya think? What’s in your lens this week?  For more splendid photos, please visit Pierced Wondering by clicking on the box below. She has lots of colorful flowers to look at, but…

Photo Friday: Squeals of Delight

I shot these photos at our local Concert in the Park.  The local community band played patriotic songs mixed with movie themes. The star of the show?  The Bubble Man.                       I loved all of these photos. Which is your favorite? For more great photos, float over to Pierced Wondering and see what’s in the “real photographers’” lens.    

Photo Friday:  Changing perspectives

I got my final chapter back into bed – Again.  Whew!  I hope that insolent child stays where she belongs.   Next adventure is two pronged:  enter writing contests and seek out publishing opportunities.   CoCo got an apartment, which means I will have an empty nest, but feathered nest. An exciting and a scary embankment all at the same time. I took some photos of my verbinum.  It’s beautiful this year.  The cooler spring and abundant water was just what she craved.  Look at what I saw up close: I thought her blossoms were just white, maybe a little…

Photos and  NaPoWriMo Poetry

   Butterfly garden Outside winter lingers chilling, aggravating,  Holding on too tight while  body’s soul craves warmth. Inside, tropical rain forest orchids breathe relief Coaxing caterpillars to unfold. Squeezing out  last drop, old life attitudes memory. Wings stretch where once remembered wrinkles. Crawled slow, meshed to earth and e body and soul crave warmth Inside, tropical rain forest orchids breathe relief Coaxing caterpillars to unfold. Squeezing out the last of old life and ways, Wings stretch where once remembered wrinkles. Crawled slow, meshed to earth. Stretch and shiver, fold and reach. An unknown new beginning will be the end.limbs. Stretch…

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