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Photo Friday: Hamburger Barge

This place certainly lived up to its reputation:  everything fried and greasy. A once in a life time experience.  After an hour and a half wait, one I won’t be repeating too soon.  I think the 5 kids showed more patience than I did.  Mr. R1’s hamburger is a triple mini!  You don’t even want to see what the 18 year-old ordered. A walk around back told another story. For sure, this was, indeed, a one time trip.  Is there a health department nearby? Oh well, we all came out unscathed. Unless I just come for the scenery. It was…

Photo Friday: View from Windows

A late winter cold wave drove me inside for the most part. So I took some photos gazing outward. Perhaps that’s a good point of view for February. What about you? Where is your focus this week? For more great photos follow Pierced Wondering’s link:  

Photo Friday: Cold Front

Yup, it arrived.  These are two versions of the same shot.  The first one looks rather ominous, while the second one is almost beautiful. Both seem surreal. If I hadn’t seem it myself, I might not believe it real. What do you think? Check out some terrific photos at Pierced Wonderings.

Photo Friday: A Weed by any other name…

Waning October is a warm respite whispering hello to cold frost and snow.  Still,  These flowers optimistically bloom between cracks at the side of the road.  Yes, most consider them a weed; scraggly, almost leafless stems, hold out lovely blue blooms. I love these hopeful little hanger-onners. I call them cornflowers. What’s in your lens this week?  I’d love to take a peek.

Photo Friday: Autumn Mist

I pass by the lake each morning as I take CoCo to work.  Lovely, melancholy transformation of Summer into Fall. The sun burns mist into blue skies, in her last-ditch effort to hold on to Summer’s fun. I’m linking to Pierced Wonderings again this week.  She has some beautiful pictures of a Lake Mars. This time through a beautiful orange filter.

Photo Friday: Putting a Lock on Summer

Summer’s nostalgic heat diminished night’s cool rain. Long shadows promise cold days to come.  A lake rests, sequestered behind a fence. Fall’s gentle  promenade proclaimed. Summer curtsies, Autumn advances. What’s in your lens this week?  Please grab the button below and link-up with me. And another beautiful link-up:

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