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Photo Friday: Cold Front

Yup, it arrived.  These are two versions of the same shot.  The first one looks rather ominous, while the second one is almost beautiful. Both seem surreal. If I hadn’t seem it myself, I might not believe it real. What do you think? Check out some terrific photos at Pierced Wonderings.

Photo Friday: A Weed by any other name…

Waning October is a warm respite whispering hello to cold frost and snow.  Still,  These flowers optimistically bloom between cracks at the side of the road.  Yes, most consider them a weed; scraggly, almost leafless stems, hold out lovely blue blooms. I love these hopeful little hanger-onners. I call them cornflowers. What’s in your lens this week?  I’d love to take a peek.

Photo Friday: Autumn Mist

I pass by the lake each morning as I take CoCo to work.  Lovely, melancholy transformation of Summer into Fall. The sun burns mist into blue skies, in her last-ditch effort to hold on to Summer’s fun. I’m linking to Pierced Wonderings again this week.  She has some beautiful pictures of a Lake Mars. This time through a beautiful orange filter.

Photo Friday: Putting a Lock on Summer

Summer’s nostalgic heat diminished night’s cool rain. Long shadows promise cold days to come.  A lake rests, sequestered behind a fence. Fall’s gentle  promenade proclaimed. Summer curtsies, Autumn advances. What’s in your lens this week?  Please grab the button below and link-up with me. And another beautiful link-up:

Photo Friday: Bee-utiful

I like taking pictures of insects.  We have so many different types of bees in our yard.  Maybe because we have a lot of flower.  This looks like a honeybee.  She seems to love my garlic chives.  I wonder how the honey will taste! I did use a filter.  Still, I’m surprised I got this clarity with my iPhone 5. What’s in your lens this week?  Please link up and let me take a peek.

Photo Friday: Squirrel Point of View

The acorns and oak leaves hit the porch with force. It must be more than gravity. Some strong-armed Thor out to irritate me. Yet, taken from another point of view, the mess looks almost artistic and perhaps filled with possibility. What’s in your lens this week?  Please join the link-up below and let me take a peek. Check out some other great photography here:

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