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Photo Friday: On the Road

A cooler, mozzarella chesse, garden veggies, and some whole grain crackers. The perfect rest stop lunch. Top it off with some home made carrot cake. Yum. A taste of home feels good on our 1400+ mile road trip. Next up Route 66.

Got Some Kicks on Route 66

I saw the exit for Pontiac on my way back from visiting my family in Peoria.  I see the exit every time I make the journey, but I have a mission, a time-line, a schedule.  I always think of my home state, Michigan and the city of Pontiac, not too very far from where I grew up.  This time was no different, except for two things:  I had about an hour to spare before my grandson’s flute recital, and I saw the sign for the Historic Route 66 Museum.  I had no idea that short detour would give me such a kick.

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