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Photo Friday: Get Hopping

My water garden has a pretty strong eco-system.  Each year we get frogs and tadpoles.  Loved-One and the grand-kids (me too) feed the frogs worms until they are happy to climb into our hands and visit nose-to-nose. This spring I got some shots of tadpoles on their way to frog-dom.  Look at those tiny legs!  I can’t help but think the little fellow is saying, “What are these new buds for?  I have such a strong tail.  I can swim like a fish.  Why in the world do I need these silly little legs?” Your gonna need those legs soon…

Living in Abundance

I’ve been in mourning.  Mourning the loss of my freedom.  Wishing to have more without giving anything up.  I made a list of all the things that make be cry when I think about leaving my business of free-lance writing and consulting:  long commutes, walking in my yard anytime I want, my office, lunch with Loved-One, fluidity…

I know, I know.  In these economic times, I should be happy that I have this opportunity.  Especially, since I was minding my own business and two, yes, two firms contacted me.  I’m really am sooo lucky.

So why do I feel sad?

I Hate to Shop, I Love a Bargain: Wilton Tent Sale

If you read Once a Little Girl, you know I L-O-V-E, love to camp and I love adventure.  Today, I had some adventure in a tent.  A brand new experience for me:  A tent sale.   I H-A-T-E, hate shopping.  If I could, I’d only shop with a catalog, the internet, and a glass of wine.  My daughter, Duckie, loves to shop.  And I love Duckie.  So today off , after breakfast, we head to the Wilton Tent Sale.  Great finds can be had there for the patient and persevering.  I’m one of those.

Did I mention Duckie loves to talk? She processes everything out-loud. The tent sale is a 60+ minutes away, so Duckie has lots of time to tell me everything that’s on her mind.  I get a chance to practice my listening skills.  Duckie works at the local grocery store as a courtesy clerk.  She’s one of those people; she bag groceries and loads them in customers’ cars.    Duckie has the low-down on everyone.  She loves people.

Wow!  So many people stuffed in one tent:  People going up and down the aisles in willy-nilly.  We are like

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