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10 Ways Facebook Can Help the Mentally Disabled

  Friends often urge me to write about CoCo. I do have many stories that make people laugh, or bring a tear to their eye. CoCo has pseudohyoparathyroidism. That means her fingers and toes are a little gnarly; she has dimples where she should have knuckles. She is mildly mentally impaired. Over the 36 years with CoCo, I began to think of her brain functioning as a dimples where the rest of us have knuckles.  I am cautious about writing my experiences with CoCo because she is more than pseudohypoparathyroidism; she is more than a disability. She is funny and…

The (Chicago) Sky’s the Limit

Shane Cleghorn and my Ducky

“Shane got me some great tickets,”  Ducky’s eyes almost brimmed with tears, she was so excited.

“What?  I didn’t say we could go yet.”  Ducky’s face fell.

“I’ll call him back, and tell him never mind.”

“No.  It’s okay.  I’m just surprised that you acted so quickly.  We can go.”

Ducky’s Sky Guy birthday cake (I made that.)

Summertime is time to follow professional basketball.  Isn’t basketball over?  You say.  Oh contraire; The WNBA is in full swing.  Ducky loves watching the games on TV.  At least once a year, a group of family and friends gets together for dinner and a Chicago Sky Game.  This year, I’m determined

I Hate to Shop, I Love a Bargain: Wilton Tent Sale

If you read Once a Little Girl, you know I L-O-V-E, love to camp and I love adventure.  Today, I had some adventure in a tent.  A brand new experience for me:  A tent sale.   I H-A-T-E, hate shopping.  If I could, I’d only shop with a catalog, the internet, and a glass of wine.  My daughter, Duckie, loves to shop.  And I love Duckie.  So today off , after breakfast, we head to the Wilton Tent Sale.  Great finds can be had there for the patient and persevering.  I’m one of those.

Did I mention Duckie loves to talk? She processes everything out-loud. The tent sale is a 60+ minutes away, so Duckie has lots of time to tell me everything that’s on her mind.  I get a chance to practice my listening skills.  Duckie works at the local grocery store as a courtesy clerk.  She’s one of those people; she bag groceries and loads them in customers’ cars.    Duckie has the low-down on everyone.  She loves people.

Wow!  So many people stuffed in one tent:  People going up and down the aisles in willy-nilly.  We are like

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