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A Janus Look-Forward at 2015

Yesterday I posted on my goals progress for 2014, a final re-cap, with a final grade of “success.”  To tell the truth, those goals kinda gave me a back-to-the-corporate world.  Yes, it’s great to have a future in site and to plan concert mileposts to measure that success. Still, my life is no longer as scheduled as it should be.

campingI took a look back at my journal and found my days filled with To-Dos and TaDas.  I chroniclef Calories, Exercise, and Weight.  What I accomplished and what I left behind. Always coming up short, I reaffirmed my core belief that I’m never quite enough. Always a bit further to go, a little more to achieve.


I returned to my old friend, Stephen Covey.  What’s most important? How do I people to remember me? What do I want to leave behind? How do I “sharpen my saw.”

Looking Back and Seeing Ahead: A New Year of Goals

Ah January… cold and dark and long.  The holidays are behind us, the annual, quarterly, and monthly bills all come in the mail.  January is too cold, too long, and too dark. January got its name from the two-faced god Janus. One face looking back on the past, one face looking forward to the future, Janus is associated with doorways, beginnings, or transitions.  Now that sounds better than cold, dark, and full of debts. January is a time to contemplate, to assess, and to plan.  So here goes. Looking Back at My Goals for 2013:  Keep my counter-tops clean:  The…

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